Homeschool Curriculum Choices for Grade 1 (SY 2023-24)


This would be the third time we homeschool a Grade 1 student. When Kuya V was in Grade 1, we relied heavily on materials that are from preloved textbooks from friends and books/workbooks I purchased in the US. For Ate Z, we had a mixture of materials from Vibal Publishing, online resources, and local and international workbooks. Now for our Bunso, we won't be using any textbooks recommended by our homeschool provider but will rely on online resources and internationally printed books. We would, however, use local storybooks.

After reviewing the DepEd learning competencies, I reckoned we can use materials from online resources, especially for the major subjects, except for Filipino. Hence, we will be using The Good and The Beautiful curriculum for Language Arts (English subject) and Math.

There are also several websites where we can find materials for his major subjects. 

While for Filipino, we plan to focus on vocabulary, alphabet, and reading in Tagalog.

For minor subjects, we will be incorporating the lessons for him (Grade 1) and his elder sister (Grade 3).

Watch our video for our materials:

Do note that though these materials may look "many" to some, we won't be using all of the pages for each of them. In fact, we may probably use some of the materials for a quarter only and use a different resource in the next quarters. The beauty of homeschooling is that we are flexible to adjust the materials and our approach in teaching our kids based on what would work best for them and our family dynamics.

Are you homeschooling this school year, too?