DIY Montessori-Inspired Movable Alphabet

diy montessori

For weeks I have been looking online for a Montessori movable alphabet that my two younger kids can use. None of which I have seen though matched what I really wanted. So instead of wasting money on something I am half-hearted, I have decided to create our own DIY Montessori-inspired Movable Alphabet right at our own home. All I needed was my laptop, printer, foam board, glue sticks, ribbons, and a container.

The first thing I purchased were containers. I wanted to make sure that the container I would be using would fit that letters that I'd be making. I found a container in Shopee for 130 pesos each. It was a 36-slot storage plastic organizer that is adjustable. I bought two pieces and removed some of the dividers to make 18 slots instead.  

I used an A4 sized regular paper to print the letters, had the letters laminated using a 100 microns laminating sheet, and glued a foam board at the back of each letter just so that it is thick enough for the little hands of my 4-year-old and 2-year-old kids.

Since the letters are almost the size of the slot of the container, it would be hard for the kids to pick a letter by themselves. My solution was to glue a strip of ribbon on each slot. When the child pulls the ribbon, it lifts up the letters. Voila!

Ate Z worked right away using the movable alphabets and was excited to learn a few words on the first day.

Sharing is caring. You can also have a copy of this free printable I created. Click on the link below to get your own copy.


If you are able to use this free printable, please let me know your feedback or tag me when you post it on your social media accounts. I am excited for you to try this at your own homes!


  1. My daughter now is 1 and 2 months old . Thank you mommy sa Idea 😍😍

  2. Do I need to invest in a good printer for these?

    1. Regular home printer with scanner lang gamit ko 😊

  3. Wow wanna try this too for my Lo,thanks po sa Tips.

  4. Thanks for sharing your printables! Will save them for future use. 😊


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