Nurturing a Culture of Sustainability in the Workplace

One element that is not obviously looked upon by applicants but is an important factor in employer-seeking is the organization's commitment to social responsibility. The culture in the organization carries on through its employees and gives its members a sense of accomplishment and purpose. With BDO, they continue to nurture a culture of sustainability within their workspace.

The combined endeavors of 300 BDO Unibank employees participating in two coastal clean-up initiatives yielded the collection of over 2,200 kilograms of waste from the Las PiƱas-ParaƱaque Critical Habitat and Eco-tourism Area (LPPCHEA), a protected zone sheltering 41 species of migratory birds and one of Metro Manila's few remaining mangrove forests. This marks the inaugural coastal clean-up event organized under the bank's Employee Volunteer Program, aimed at fostering awareness about responsible waste disposal, with the overarching objective of conserving vital regions like LPPCHEA.

BDO's dedication to environmental preservation is further underscored by the pilot implementation of Waste Busterrr, its waste management program that encourages conscientious waste reduction, reusability, and recycling through proper waste segregation in the workplace.

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