Protect Yourself from Bank Scams

BDO Unibank urges its customers to remain vigilant against the tactics employed by scammers, regardless of how urgent the messages may appear or how convincing the scammers may sound.

To counter these fraudulent attempts, the bank offers three essential guidelines for clients to safeguard their bank accounts:

1. Refrain from disclosing your username, password, One-Time PIN (OTP), and card details (such as card number, expiry date, and card verification value or CVV) to any individuals.

2. Avoid clicking on links. BDO will never distribute links through email, SMS, or Viber.

3. Exercise caution when responding to unknown senders. For an official list of BDO sender names, visit the BDO website and search for "BDOStopScam."

Clients should be alert to text messages containing phrases like "blocked," "deactivated," or "account is compromised," as these messages often attract the attention of bank clients, some of whom might mistakenly consider them authentic. Additionally, some clients receive unsolicited calls from individuals posing as "bank employees," urging them to reset their account passwords and provide their OTP to address supposed issues with their accounts being blocked, deactivated, or compromised. It is crucial for clients to consistently remain cautious against these fraudulent schemes.

To learn more tips against scammers, clients may visit the official BDO website at for the most updated advisories. #BDOStopScam