Insurance for Your Beloved Pets

Only those who are dedicated and affectionate caretakers of their furry companions can truly grasp the immense value of nurturing a pet. It is their understanding that the unwavering love emanating from their beloved fur babies enhances not only their mental and physical well-being but also elevates the overall quality of their lives.

When a pet owner asserts that, in certain aspects, dogs and cats prove to be superior home companions compared to some human counterparts, they are tapping into a profound reality. After all, pets do not pass judgment upon their caretakers; they refrain from intentional cruelty; and their loyalty and affection often surpass that of certain individuals.

As affirmed by the American Heart Association, embracing pet ownership can lead to heightened work productivity, a reduction in stress and anxiety, and the cultivation of a profound sense of goodwill, joy, nurturance, and happiness through the social connection and loving bond shared between pet parents and their cherished companions.

However, the task of owning a pet, or perhaps multiple pets as integral members of a household, is no simple feat. These furry companions are living entities, each possessing distinctive personalities, emotions, and both emotional and physical requirements. Indeed, having a pet mirrors the responsibility of tending to any other member of the family, demanding regular financial commitments. In addition to sustenance in the form of food and water, they also necessitate vaccinations and medical care to ensure their well-being.

Devoted to Max

Roy, a dedicated pet enthusiast, shared his experience of tending to a senior dog, Max, who has reached advanced years in canine life. In his household, three dogs and two cats reside, with Max being the eldest, a Labrador mix cherished since his puppy days. As Max transitions into his senior years, a greater allocation of resources has been directed toward his medical well-being due to age-related conditions.

Max's genetic predisposition as a Labrador places him at heightened susceptibility to chronic liver issues. On one occasion, Max necessitated a series of liver tests spanning several days, each incurring a cost of approximately P4,000 per day. Additionally, blood tests were conducted, entailing a similar expense of nearly P4,000.

Max, one of Roy's senior dogs protected by BDO Insure

Reflecting upon the accumulating expenditures, Roy recounted the escalating costs, which included blood tests, fecalysis, medications, and the accommodations provided by the pet hospital. When Max eventually recuperated from his ailment, the veterinary bills had escalated beyond P30,000.

In response to these financial considerations, Roy recently opted for a pet dog and cat insurance plan through BDO Insure, available at He appreciates the affordability of the Basic Plan, commencing at a mere P560 per year, and welcomes the opportunity to enhance coverage by adding specific illness-related benefits.

Roy regards the convenience of the pet insurance plan with great favor, highlighting its fully online processing, a boon for a devoted fur parent like himself who would rather dedicate more time to his cherished canine companion than venture out to procure insurance.

Irrespective of whether their furry companions have youthful exuberance, engage in lively play, or have gracefully transitioned into their senior years with a more subdued demeanor, owners like Roy, who embrace the role of devoted pet parents, stand to gain significant advantages from securing pet insurance. This important decision affords them the reassurance of comprehensive financial safeguarding, ensuring their capacity to provide unwavering care for their cherished canine or feline companions, even in the face of unexpected health adversities.

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