First Holy Communion for Catholic Homeschoolers

Back in the day when I was still studying, my school had a First Holy Communion program for all Grade 3 students who were Roman Catholics. The parish near the school facilitated the event and our teachers were there to help out. With our kids who are homeschooled since birth, we have to register them in our own parish so that they can be invited to their first Holy Communion. In this article, I would like to share with you our experience on how we registered, the process, and the events that followed in this important event of our son's Catholic life.

How to Register for First Holy Communion

In 2019 when our son was 8 years old, I missed the schedule for the first Holy Communion. Since they usually held the event in March, the pandemic in 2020 prevented us to join. It was only this year that we were able to register Kuya. When I inquired earlier this year, the parish office said that they do not have any scheduled yet for the year and just follow up after a few months. In May 2023, they said that the schedule would be in July and gave me a list of the requirements to prepare:

  • 1 copy of the PSA birth certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate with the notation "For First Holy Communion Purposes"

I was able to get the documents needed including the baptismal certificate (Php50 pesos) from the church where Kuya was baptized and submitted them to our parish office before June 30. Kuya was baptized in a different church but still within our city. My dilemma now is my 2 younger kids who were baptized at my parent's parish in a different city. This meant for the 2 younger kids, I have to travel down to the south of Metro Manila to get their documents.

Together with the requirements, I filled out the registration form at our parish office. I was advised of the schedule of catechism classes, the first confession, and the mass for the first Holy Communion. No payment was asked by the church but they have mentioned that the children will be given a love offering envelope that they will bring to the priest at offertory during the mass.

Catechism, First Confession, and First Holy Communion

Kuya attended 4 sessions of catechism classes that were held in the parish. These were two Saturdays and two Sundays that lasted for 1-1.5 hours per session. On one of the weekends, we were vacationing at Westin Manila Hotel in Pasig City. We traveled back and forth to the church and hotel to attend the sessions. We can't miss any of the sessions. He has to attend all so that he would be eligible to join the first confession and the mass.

The last session focused on practicing their entrances, prayer positions, seating arrangements, and proper positions when taking the Eucharist for the mass. They also practiced how they should approach the priest, procedures, and prayers for the first confession. They were more than 30 children of different ages and I appreciate the patience of the two ladies who presided over the classes.

Their first confession was held on a Friday morning at 9AM. They were allowed to wear comfortable clothes that are suitable inside the church. We were asked to come in 45 minutes earlier so that the kids can be seated accordingly and the flow of the queue would be smooth. During this time also, they reviewed their prayers. After Kuya's turn with Father Joseph, we were ready to leave. Before leaving the church, the parish office reminded us of the required attire and mass for the next day.

The next morning, Kuya wore his white long sleeves, black slacks, and black leather shoes. Good thing he has this attire for his graduation so we did not have to buy new clothing for him for this event.

The girls on the other hand were asked to wear white dresses, closed shoes, and a white veil (belo). 

The mass will start at 10AM but we need to be in church by 9:15AM. I gave Kuya the love offering envelope and placed it inside his pocket. 

After some reminders and a short practice, the kids were ready for the Holy Mass.

holy communion homeschooler

Kuya can now join us for communion during mass. Thank you, Lord. 

with Father Joseph

My son is now bigger than me!