Why I Homeschool My Preschooler

Quite frankly, I am no expert in homeschooling. And I bet most homeschool moms will agree that neither are they. Homeschooling is a learning process. And I have SO MUCH to learn.

The Beginning

I can no longer recall what day and circumstance it was that I started to think about homeschooling our son. But I only seriously thought about it when I became a full-time mom, which was about eight months ago (if my math serves me right). 

Accompanying him at our community playground allowed me to discover new things about him and his playmates. It also gave me opportunities to chat with the nannies and got a glimpse of where and how the other kids are in their formal and informal education - secretly assessing each of the kids. Hey, my previous job was in Human Resources (Talent Management). I was trained to secretly assess people. Ha! Ha!

Like most parents, I am guilty of comparing my son's development with other kids. And like most parents, I also brag (hopefully just in my head!) with what my son is able to do. It is a cycle I think every parent undergo. But as I get to know my son more, I became more aware of his talents and his needs to develop these.

New Generation Parents

In this generation of ours, new parents have often overstimulated their kids with books, activities, flash cards, educational toys, and even with high-tech tablets thinking that these will give their kids a head start. I am guilty of this. Comparing my son with others was my catalyst. As the world expect so much from the future generation, I was guiltily expecting too much from my own seed.

Society for decades has dictated us that children need to get a good education to have a good life ahead of them. And a good education would mean getting into a good school. We were raised like this. And we believed this.

But I think otherwise.

Don't get me wrong. I came from one of the best universities in Asia and my training in the institution helped me a lot in every endeavor I take. I still believe that getting a good education can give you a good life in the future. But I want a better life for my son.

Divine Intervention

I admire the changes the school system has had for the past years. Previously, we only had traditional schools. And now parents can choose from a variety of teaching styles! There's so much available that choosing a school can be really tiresome and stressful! A number of things need to be factored in - What's the student-teacher ratio? How many hours a day? In a week? What's the main language they use? Fees? How's the success rate of graduates? Sectarian or non-sectarian? The list is endless.

When I finally found the school I wanted for my son (my main reason is just for interaction since he's only three), I had everything planned out. How to get there, the fees, I even had him take his ID picture! But when the week of the release of application forms came, a silent but strong voice said to me, "Homeschool him."

"When God says something,
the argument is over." - R.C. Sproul

I'd like to believe God was telling me to homeschool my son. I mean, every single day I pray to Him to give me the strength and wisdom to raise this little boy to the person He wants him to be. 

He has been telling me to go to the path of homeschooling for months, but I was ignoring it. I was scared. How can I? I have no background in education. The closest experiences I had were facilitating a training for professionals and a short stint teaching reading and counting for unfortunate kids. I don't think I am the most patient person in the world, too. Neither am I creative. Where will I start? What if I fail? How about my son's social interaction? How about the pros?

Then, I remembered the very reason why I wanted to homeschool in the first place - I wanted to raise my son with the values I want to instill. It's the very reason why I chose a catholic preschool in the first place. He's such a sponge that everything he sees and hears, he does. But he's not the only person in the classroom. There are other kids whose backgrounds and values differ. I am the parent. And parents are the best teachers our children will ever have.

History has proven that the most successful people in the world were homeschooled (well, at least at a time for some) by their parents. I want my son to be a successful person - the person God wants him to be.


In the Bible, God said that He will provide all your needs (Please don't ask me what verse it was. Quite frankly I should read the Bible more than my newsfeed in Facebook). And He did. He still does. And I am still amazed by His work that I am able to read articles, curriculum, and reach people I never thought existed - other homeschool moms. To top it off, I have a bestfriend who is now homeschooling her daughter! Hi Andrea! :)

Homeschooling is a 24/7 commitment. 

Homeschooling is not for everyone. And the approach other moms do may or may not work for my own child. It is a constant learning process. It's a 24/7 commitment. 


Some kids are able to count up to 20. My son can't. And I don't mind. I am training him to be a critical thinker. Not just memorizing stuffs. This week I learned that the best way to teach him about number is not by using magnetic visuals you stuck on the door of your fridge, nor by showing him books. He knows the numbers. Sometimes he'll get the chronology correct, most of the time, not. He can identify the numbers but the concept of what these numbers represent was alien to him.

So we did a different approach. He loves cars. We started counting his toy cars. At first it was hard to get his attention because he'd play with them. But once I told him that I'll play with him using his toy bus (which by the way the one thing he wants me to play all day long) if he listens to me, he began to be attentive.

Once cars were parked, we count them. He eventually removes a car or two, then we count again. He removed all his cars and exclaimed, "zero!" After 10 minutes, I am amazed that he can now properly count up to 5 and know the concept of what 0 is. We'll get to 20 - eventually. 

For now, I'll be reading some more about homeschooling a preschool. And perhaps attend a parent's orientation next month. I am in no hurry. My son's only three. And the best way for any kid at this age to learn is to play.


  1. Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog looking through Top Blogs, and now I'm totally loving your posts about homeschooling. I have a 2yo and I've always wanted to homeschool him. The problem is that I'm also working the whole day (thought at home). What do you suggest?


    1. Hi Dear! Thank you for visiting my blog :) I'm a stay-at-home mom and it really helps that I can focus on him 24/7 (although I secretly wished I'm a WAHM, too).

      At the moment, we only get to spend 15-30 minutes a day to actually sit down and "study". But we are learning the whole day - looking at the sky, reading-aloud books, playing pretend, doing household chores, etc. Your son's still young and it's during playtime that they learn. I suggest you read books to him and inject short activities to develop his motor skills. I look up to Mommy Tina of trulyrichmom.com (also teachermamatina.blogspot.com) and to other moms who juggle their schedules as WAHMs and homeschooling moms. It also helps to be part of a community in Facebook for homeschooling parents. I'm still a novice in this journey. I'm learning a lot each day! :)

      Welcome to homeschooling! :)

    2. Sorry I wasn't able to check your response right away! We're actually doing that now! We're more on play-based "schooling." Imagination, exploration, interaction (oooh I should write about that). Knowing that you didn't spend all day "studying" is really encouraging! I actually follow Joy Mendoza's blog, but she rarely blogs about homeschooling now. I'm glad to know a fellow mother with a young toddler, too, because most blogging moms have school-age kids na talaga! :D

    3. Good job! :) Yes, write about them! Would love to learn from you, too.

      I actually write about our homeschooling journey to get my friends and family updated on Little V, and to share na din to other mommies who are into or are considering early learning at home. Exchange notes, 'baga! :D

  2. First time visitor to your blog :) Continue on with your homeschooling journey - as we obey the Lord, He will never let us do anything that we are not capable of :) He will surely guide you along your journey :) God bless you!

    1. Thank you, Mommy Chris for your encouraging words. :) God bless you!


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