3-Ingredient Hainanese Chicken Rice

I've been a fan of Hainanese rice since I've tasted my first Pao Tsin dumplings about a decade ago. It's not as tasty though as the authentic rice you get in Singapore, but still it tastes great to me. At the moment, my most favorite Hainanese chicken rice is the one from Wee Nam Kee - I've tried their branch in Trinoma (Cinema level).

After watching a YouTube video on how Hainanese chicken rice were made in Singapore, hubby and I have formulated our own version. Here's a quick 3-ingredient recipe for Hainanese chicken rice. It may not be as amazing as Wee Nam Kee's but it works for us. :)


1 cup of dinorado or jasmine rice, washed
2 cups of water
2 Knorr chicken broth cubes
2 strips of onion leeks (optional)

Combine all ingredients (except onion leeks) and cook the rice in a rice cooker. While boiling, stir until the broth cubes have dissolved evenly. Once the rice cooker switches to warm mode, place the onion leeks on top of the rice.

So easy! Go ahead and try it yourself and let me know how it works for you!

Thanks for dropping by! :)


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