Singapore: TransitLink Child Concession Card

Singapore has the awesomest public transport system! It is easy, fast, and cheap. You can go around the city using their MRTs, buses, and taxis - and the best deal? You can pay using just one card. But how about minors?

This year we traveled to Singapore with our 3 year old and was looking for alternatives other than the Singapore Tourist Card being offered. Any child who is at least 0.9 meters (2.95 feet) is already required to pay fare.

Thankfully, I discovered TransitLink's Child Concession Card online. If you have a child that is at least 0.9m in height, below 7 years old and not in primary school, he/she is eligible for the concession card.
Singapore Child Concession Card MRT
Singapore Child Concession Card (front)


How do I apply for it?

For tourists, you need to fill-out an application form and provide a photocopy of your child's passport. I got their application form through email ( Submit your accomplished form and passport photocopy to any of the TransitLink office. I applied ours at the Novena MRT station.

The concession card is actually free. You need to top-up (load) a minimum of $5(SGD) to activate it. I topped-up our son's card with a SGD10 value because we will use it as well as entrance to Sentosa (through Sentosa Express).

I recommend using the concession card since the child's fare computed is lower than the adult fare. Hello, savings! :)

Have fun in Singapore!


Starting 6 April 2014, children under 7 years old can travel for FREE on basic bus services, express bus services and trains. 

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  1. Oh, helpful! My daughter will be 3 years old too when we go to SG and I was wondering if I should get her an ez-Link card or if there's a cheaper alternative. Now thanks to you, I now know there is! :)

  2. I just got one for my daughter today :) I applied it at Novena Station also and it's very easy. The staff only asked for my daughter's passport, I didnt need to fill any form and voila! In such a short time my daughter has her card :) and yes no need to top up because children under 7 years can travel free now :)


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