EZ Link Card versus Singapore Tourist Pass

Singapore MRT card
EZ Link Card
Photo Credit: Singapore Tourist Pass Website

Photo Credit: Singapore Tourist Pass Website

Singapore has one of the world's most efficient public transport system. It is fast and economical. You can hop on and off their trains and buses with just one card. 

But which one is best to use?

As a frugal traveler, I searched online and read on forums about which I should use when we get to Singapore - the regular EZ Link card or the Singapore Tourist Pass. Most people said it's best to get an EZ link card.

EZ Link Card

You can purchase this card at any 7-11 stores or an MRT station. It costs $12 (SGD) with a non-refundable $5 card cost, and $7 travel value.

The EZ link card can be used at any MRT, LRT, bus, or even taxi. It can also be used as entrance to Sentosa Express - the monorail from Vivo City to Sentosa Island.

Please note though that this card needs to have at least a $3 value. You will be prompt to top-up (load) your card by the reader if it has low value left in it. You can top-up your card at any MRT station, or a Cheers convenience store. Good thing, you can ask for a refund of your unused travel value at Changi Airport MRT station before you leave Singapore. So top it up!

Singapore Tourist Pass

Singapore Tourist Pass is like an EZ link card. The difference however, is that you pay for your desired travel duration and be able to enjoy unlimited rides on Singapore's public transport. You can opt to buy a 1-day, 2-day, or a 3-day pass. You can travel using the public bus, MRT or LRT. This however does not apply for other buses or trains like the Express, Fast Forward, and the Night Owl.

1 Day Pass - $20
2 Day Pass - $26
3 Day Pass - $30

*Each pass has a $10 refundable deposit which you can get when you return the card within 5 days

Both cards are good. But it all boils down to which one will give you the best value. For me, I had to make our itinerary first, listing down each travel and mode of transportation we had to take. I used www.streetdirectory.com to help me choose the best route and the approximate value of each travel. After adding up all the transport expenses, I compared the cost of getting a 3-day Singapore tourist pass with getting a regular EZ link card with top-up. Weighing each, I have decided to take the EZ link card instead.

The EZ link card won because it answered all our transportation costs, including the Sentosa Express. Although the $5 card cost is non-refundable, we were able to refund the remaining travel value of our card. 

The Singapore Tourist Pass would be great to use if your transport expenses will exceed the value of the passes you purchased. I doubt though that you will be able to spend $20 for bus and trains in 3 days - unless you'd be exploring the city A LOT.

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