Preschool Homeschool | June Lessons and Activities

Hi everyone! I was finally able to jot down our preschool homeschool lessons and activities for the month of June. Whew! We're done with the first half of the year? Time flies fast!

Our journey has helped me learn more about my Little V - his character, his likes and dislikes, learning styles and opportunities for growth. I'm also learning how to be his best teacher. To equip me more, I attended last month The Learning Basket's "You are your Child's Best Teacher" workshop. In addition, I try to find time to read about other moms' homeschooling journeys. A few months have passed and I think I've only touched the very tip of the iceberg.

This is why I share our journey online. A way to pay forward the things I have learned from educators and parents. I hope that you'd find something interesting from our experience.

We were more laid back in June after starting the Sing Spell Read and Write program. I just felt that my son's not yet ready in some aspects. I'm so glad that I did not enroll him in any school this year. He's still a little one. We're not in a hurry so we're enjoying our journey one graceful step at a time.

I've listed here some of our activities. He plays all day, but I make sure we allot 15-30 minutes to sit down and do some activities. We normally do our activities in the afternoon, after he had his nap, or right after dinner. I let him choose what he'd like to do. I've realized that giving him the opportunity to decide makes him more attentive in our activities. I give him suggestions too, mostly our lessons scheduled for that week.

Sing, Spell, Read, and Write (SSRW)

We purchased the local print of SSRW from C&E Publishing. A lot of homeschool parents suggested this as curriculum for young kids. Our kit's paper is not the same with the imported one which was way too expensive for my budget. I'm good with the local print.

preschool homeschool
SSRW materials
We completed the readiness chapter in a week. He was initially not fond of worksheets so he learned some of the subjects using household items like spoons, forks, bottles, and his toys.

patterns, visual discrimination
Learning about patterns
kindergarten shapes
Shapes: Tracing and following directions

I like that the teacher's manual has listed the activities to do, recipes to bake, and even suggested books to read. However, SSRW is used in many schools that some activities listed may require a group of kids to complete them. We just had to find alternative activities to reinforce the lesson. We used as one of our online resource.

For manuscript writing, I don't require Little V to complete the exercises; we are still developing his fine motors. But by the end of June, he insisted on practicing how to write letter A so I gave him some exercises. He still can't hold the pen properly but since he's so eager, I just let him do them.
preschool homeschool
Learning how to write the letter A
As of writing, we are done learning phonics for letters A, B, and C. That's one letter per week. For reinforcement, we review their sounds while he plays with his toys. It's amazing to see my son place his toys on top of papers that have the letters A to C, categorizing each toy based on their beginning sounds.


For his KaHone activity, the theme for the month was safari jungle. So we made a diorama and he painted the animals.

KaHone June activities

At the TLB workshop, I was able to get additional brushes and paints from one of the exhibitors. Little V paints a LOT that I've decided not to remove (yet!) the used Manila paper that's covering his study table.

Field Trip

We went to the Philippine Science Centrum and two other museums for the mind and spirit. Even if my son did not understand the science concepts, he had a great time in PSC. We promised to bring him back there.

Household Chores

Our son continues to do chores (while I supervise) at home like washing dishes, pulling the laundry basket trolley (our clothes' drying cage is on top of our building), and folding his clothes (which I had to repeat doing). When he's at his grandparents, he helps in feeding his granddad's chickens. He has improved in putting away his toys after play, but constant reminder has to be done before he completes them.

Fine Motor and Math

We continue to develop Little V's fine motor skills and here are some of the activities we added.

Popping bubble wrap

fine motor
I forgot what this toy is called. We play this together - who's able to put his assigned colored coins in the slots wins

Puzzles and homemade die

Math and money lesson: How much is your car?

fine motor activity
Filipino game - Sungka

Learning Style

I discovered my son's learning style while we were doing the activities last June. His learning style is auditory - he learns best by hearing information. He enjoys talking, music, being read to, and he is very sociable. That's why we incorporate our lessons during our play. We review each subject while I talk to him. That way, he understands and remembers better.

Right now, I'm reading up about how he can learn best. Any suggestions?


  1. Hello Kat. This is a very interesting blog entry. Hopefully I can apply this to my future kids :-). Nice one Kat. Continue to inspire young moms like you :-)

  2. Hi Kat, wow cheers to you for homeschooling your son. How old is he? My daughter Gwen is 3.5 and started preschool but has a bad case of separation anxiety. I'm giving her until September and will just homeschool if things won't look up.

    1. Hi Mommy Badet! :) He's turning 3.5 this month. Yan din separation anxiety ang worry ko when I was looking for a preschool for my son, he's clingy kasi. I hope things would move smoothly for Gwen; if not, homeschool is cool din naman ;)

  3. Glad I came across your blog from Mommy Bloggers PH! I'm trying to find inspiration from homeschooling Mamas of preschoolers because I feel so overwhelmed with the responsibility of homeschooling my 3 year old. He's currently enrolled to a traditional school, but we'll see how the rest of the school year goes and if we can handle homeschooling him once the new baby comes.

    I feel inspired when I see Moms doing it with ease. I think I'm just very paranoid that he might not learn anything from me!

    1. Hi Mommy Roxi! Thanks for visiting my site :) I'm pretty sure you've been homeschooling Jacob already since the day he was born so don't worry about it, Mommy.

      Quite frankly, I felt overwhelmed and scared too when we started. But as the months go by, we are actually getting more relaxed! We were able to identify our son's learning style and this really helped a lot in deciding what's a better way for him to learn. In addition, we've learned how to slow down and just let him play - since that really is the best way for them to learn. At their age (Little V turned 3.5 today!) it's really more important to develop their character than academics. And that's something we're working on :) Maybe when my son's in grade school, I'd start worrying if he's learning enough from me. Haha!

  4. Hello momma, how much is the Sing, Spell, Read, and Write (SSRW) from C&E publishing? Also, did you go directly ba sa store nila to buy the books? Been looking for this kasi, i didn't know na we have a local print naman pala. ang mahal kasi if pa ship pa from US, tapos may shipping fee pa. hehe.

    1. Hi Katrina! I purchased it online from C&E but a friend got theirs by dropping by at the store along Quezon Ave. I think 2 months ago, another reader asked for details of C&E and I learned from her na wala na daw local prints si C&E. Pricey nga talaga yung galing US.

    2. Oh, the local print cost me almost 3K.

  5. Hi,Mommy Kat this is Maurice.Can you please send me some worksheets of the SSRW

    1. Sorry our SSRW books have writings already. Same lang naman sya ng mga free worksheets online - what's different, pattern, etc.


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