The Sunshine Blogger Award

Got really giddy when Marie of Mamanee's Nest nominated me in the Sunshine Blogger Award. Super thanks, Marie! :)

Award? Okay, I need to be ready for this. 

Gotta check Metrodeal for a salon service sale near my area. 

Make-up? Ooops, I think I should leave that to an expert. Is Michelle Phan free this week?

Stilettos? I can use the old pair I have. Where are they anyway?

It's a red carpet event so I need a formal dress for this. Shoot, I have no time to shop. Oh, there's Zalora Philippines online! I can get it from there.

Accessories? Better check Instagram for my favorite sellers. 

And then, snap! I was daydreaming. Hahaha!

Oh, it's a dream for me to attend posh events like awards night. Elegant long gown dresses, blings, and great makeup. Who doesn't like Oscars, right?

Now back to reality. Ah, yes the awards. Here are the rules for the blogger award. Yes, there are rules. :)

The Rules:
1. Post a picture of the Sunshine Blogger Award.
2. Answer 11 questions from the nominating blogger.
3. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
4. Nominate 11 wonderful bloggers that you feel bring sunshine to the blogging world.
5. Write 11 questions for your nominated bloggers.

Here are the 11 questions from Marie and my answers to them. 

1. Do you believe in reincarnation? 


2. If yes to number 1, who do you think you were before? If no, what is your stand?

I think we are all unique individuals that God made. Besides, I have not felt I was someone else. I love my unique self!

3. Name 3 things that you cannot leave your house without. 

keys, ID cards, wristwatch. Yes, I can leave without a phone

4. What did you put in your high school yearbook as your future occupation? 

Unfortunately our batch decided to forego the yearbook. But if ever we did, I may have placed FBI agent as my future occupation.

5. Christian Grey or Edward Cullen? 

Christian Grey!! C'mon, I love the sun and sand. I don't want a shining shimmering guy to hang around me at the beach.

6. What's your dream house like? 

Anything that's paid in full!

7. Favorite reality star?

I'm not really a fan of reality shows. But if there's a couple that I admire the most, it would be Rob and Amber Mariano who both won in Survivor and Amazing Race.

8. What's your cannot do without make up? 

I'm relatively new to make-up. Right now I've noticed that I can get away with everything except for eyebrow pencil/powder

9. Who is your greatest hero? 

Jesus! Need I say more?

10. What is your greatest pet peeve? 

People who don't put the toilet seats up of they're not going to use them. I don't like seeing pee droplets on the seat.

11. What is your happy thought?

Simply knowing that God loves me and that I have my hubby and baby with me.

11 Questions for my Nominated Bloggers:
1. What's the meaning of your (birth) name?
2. What is your favorite anime show?
3. Are you a morning or a night person?
4. What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
5. If you were a kitchen appliance, which one would you be and why?
6. How do you like to spend a rainy day?
7. If you can eat just one kind of food for a week (and it would not affect your health and weight), what would that food be? 
8. If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?
9. What's your favorite color?
10. What foreign language would you like to learn?
11. At a movie theater, which armrest is yours?

11 bloggers I nominate for the You are my sunshine blogger award!
Andrea - Momma Bear's Memo's
Shan - The F-word Blog
Nancy - Daily Bustle
Honey - My Honey Mommy
Nadya - Nanay's Trip
Riza - Rizanoia
Ia - Iaadamlim
Mars - Montessori on Mars
Carlo - Carlo Cross
Lai - Every Mom's Page
Que - Life of Que

Have fun, dear friends! :)


  1. Laughed at shining shimmering guy LOL seriously, who wants to hang out with a guy who shines brighter that us?! LMAO Congrats on the award!

  2. Congratulations on the awards Kat!

  3. Whoah! :-D Thank you for this, Kat! ♥


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