Hanamaruken Ramen in Trinoma

More than a year ago, Hubby and I first tried the ramen restaurant located on the second floor of Trinoma, near the chapel. It was called Ramen X. A few months after, we have noticed that a new restaurant took it's place. At that time, we were not in the mood to try something new.

Fast forward to last weekend, before doing our groceries, we decided to have lunch first. We knew right away that if we ask Little V what he'd like to eat, it would either be Jollibee or McDonald's. I was craving for ramen that day and told Hubby I won't settle for Jollibee, Mcdo, or TokyoTokyo. So we went up to Level 2 and tried Hanamaruken.

Photo Credit: Hanamaruken Ramen Facebook page

We were cordially greeted by their staff and led us to our table near the sea painting. The mass on the chapel has not ended so the restaurant was not filled yet.

After giving our orders to the waitress, we were given tea while we wait for our meal. We found the wooden interior was cozy and has a feel that you're in Japan (Though I have never been to Japan). There's even a wall clock for Manila and Osaka. The paintings, decor and tables were just synchronized with each other. 

I apologize for the quality of the pictures. I used my BlackBerry to take photos.

Look! There's a bowl there!

Hubby ordered for a Salary Man Ramen (beef) while I had Chasyu Ramen (pork). Little V shared food with me since I know he won't be able to finish his if we ordered him a bowl. We also had 2 orders of Gyoza.

I really enjoyed my pork ramen. The meat was so soft, I didn't have a hard time cutting them to pieces for my son. The soup was also delightful to my palate. Hubby agreed my ramen is tastier than his. Haha!

trinoma second level
Salary Man Ramen (Php280)

chasyu ramen
Chasyu Ramen (Php280)

Gyoza (Php150 per order) 

Overall, we had a great experience at Hanamaruken. The food was great and the staff were always ready to assist. 

Note that they add 10% service charge. Their service was so great, we won't mind giving them a tip.

Hanamaruken Ramen
Garden Restaurants Level 2 Trinoma
Facebook: hanamarukenph