Ogalala System in Play

As a homeschooling mom, I'm always on the lookout for methods that would help us in our homeschool journey. I was thrilled when we were invited to join the Ogalala workshop at Toy Kingdom in SM Megamall. I got even more excited when I saw in the workshop my classmates, cousin, and fellow mom bloggers - all who share the belief in equipping ourselves with the proper knowledge in rearing our children.

It's a known fact that children learn through play. And each child learns differently from each other. How we help them achieve their full potential lies on how we guide them learn at their own pace and learning style. And this is something we hopefully want to achieve.

Little V busy with his activity with Crayola

What is Ogalala?
Derived from the native American Indian term
for an underwater irrigation system, 
Ogalala brings forth life for kids in the form
of play, fashion, and exploration. 

Ogalala System in Play has been developed to address the development needs of our children through meaningful playtime. This branded system groups together insights, activities, and tools appropriate for each child's growth stage. The four important development areas in a child's growth are: physical, intellectual, language, and social & emotional

"If they can't learn the way we teach,
we teach the way they learn."
- O. Ivar Lovaas, Child Development Expert

Brands under Ogalala:
  • Animal Planet
  • Artec
  • Baby Einstein
  • Crayola
  • Discovery Kids
  • COG
  • Emco
  • Melissa & Doug
  • Canal

In the workshop, we learned about the different milestones and tools we can use to help us support our child's development. To apply what we learned, parents were given a chart that included suggested activities, materials, to use, goals, and tracking checklist. This will be very helpful for me who run out of ideas to do with my son!

Kids were invited by the teacher to join her explore the different toys.
At the same time, parents were taught how to create meaningful play with our kids

Ogalala child development workshop

The child development workshop by Ogalala will run until September. Although this workshop is free, participants are required to pre-register to avail of the limited seats. You can visit Manila Workshops to register.

Little V had his eyes fixed on an Emco toy blocks in the middle of the workshop. He said, "Mama, I won't lose my blocks." Little negotiator! Haha! Blocks are one of his favorite toys; and we recommend he plays with. It is a great tool to improve his fine motor skills and it encourages creativity and imagination. 

Needless to say who won the discussion

Ogalala is a branded System in Play by Internationale Global Marques Inc. (IGM), an affiliate of Richwell Phils. Group of Companies, a leading licensee and distributor of children's global brands for more than 30 years.

Ogalala toys are available at selected Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us and other leading department stores and toy stores nationwide.