Lakbayan Tour by Manila Water

When I was growing up, our house then in Fort Bonifacio did not have constant supply of water. We'd normally buy our supply from water trucks that  go around the camp. At an early age, I was taught how to conserve and this is something I want to instill in my own child.
Photo Credit: Manila Water website

We've been passing through Manila Water's main office along Katipunan Road for years that's why I was thrilled that an invitation for their Lakbayan Tour was opened for us, mommy bloggers. Last Friday, I brought my son, Little V with me to experience this educational tour.

It was a gloomy day but thankfully it did not rain while we were out. We met the team of Manila Water and my fellow mommy bloggers at Cafe Via Mare inside UP Diliman. A sumptuous early lunch was provided to us. I so love Via Mare, it's one of my faves.

manila water
Mommy Bloggers with the team of Manila Water
Feeling wacky while I take a shot of our shuttle for the day

We started our tour taking a coaster from Cafe Via Mare going to Lakbayan Center inside the MWSS compound. I was surprised that the compound was massive and abundant of trees. My son asked, "Mama, forest?"

Lakbayan Center

Oh, hello there!

Inside the center we watched video presentations about Manila Water. We learned about its history, services, their mission and advocacy. I am a Manila Water consumer and this is the first time I've heard about their services. I initially thought they were just water distributors like Meralco, but i was wrong. 

In 1997, a private-government agreement was formed between Ayala-led Manila Water and Manila Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) to service the east zone of Metro Manila including towns of Rizal. Over 6 million customers are being serviced with clean water by Manila Water. Maynilad on the other hand services the west zone of the metro.

Here are the services of Manila Water:
  • water treatment
  • transport/pipeline
  • distribution of water 
  • sewerage and sanitation
"Care in every drop."

I was surprised that a free desludging of septic tanks are provided on a scheduled basis by Manila Water. Desludging is the process of removing sediments by draining and cleaning a tank or pozo negro. I only knew Malabanan who does this. Glad to know that moms can get the services for free. You can get more information about Manila Water's Sanitasyon Para sa Barangay through your barangay office.

Another item that sparked my interest is that used water is being treated by Manila Water before they are released in our rivers. Sewage treatment plants have the technology to produce treated used water that is safe and clean enough for aqua life in our rivers. 

What is used water?
This is the wastewater or water
that has been used by households,
industries and agriculture. 
Contains waste products of human

Why bother with it?
Because it ends up in our rivers.
And untreated water is very harmful
to both man and the environment

Did you know?
60% of water pollution is contributed
by domestic resources *Source: JICA 2000

In 2012, Manila Water launched its Toka Toka program, an environmental movement that advocates proper management of used water to revive waterways. Manila Water envisions reviving the three major river systems in Metro Manila - Pasig, Marikina, and San Juan rivers. You, too, can join this advocacy.

I learned a lot during the short presentation and discussion at the Lakbayan Center. We, moms, have a shared responsibility in providing a better environment for the next generation, which includes being responsible today for our own water consumption and disposal. 

My Little V taking photos of everyone

A photo of children happily drinking their first clean water supply

Photo of Manila Water's speaker taken by Little V

After the presentations and discussion, we wrote down our names on a sticker leaf as our pledge to support the simple steps that can help revive our environment:
  • Drink Manila Water from the tap
  • Do not throw solid waste and harmful liquids in the drainage and rivers
  • Support wastewater projects in your communities
  • Desludge your septic tanks every 3-5 years
  • Connect your home to a sewer line

lakbayan tour
Those little leaves each represent an individual

Mommy Bloggers

We went next to their Metrology Center. This is where water meters are tested. Manila Water customers can have their water meter tested here.

water meter test

Our next stop is their Laboratory Services, an ISO-certified facility where water are tested for their quality. They also accept water testing and the prices vary depending on what test the client is requesting for.

Mobile Laboratory Service of Manila Water

manila water
Manila Water Laboratory Services

We headed to East La Mesa Treatment Plant to learn more about how water is treated before they are distributed to pumping stations and then to our homes. For security reasons, taking photos and videos inside their treatment plants is prohibited.

Water from La Mesa Dam are pumped into the treatment plant to undergo further cleaning using several treatment processes. We had the opportunity to test the water some of us brought and compared them with the water from Manila Water's faucet. Theirs had a better quality. As expected! The state of water from Manila Water to our faucets at home would certainly change depending on the pipes that ran through from the pumping stations, to our villages, and then to our houses. 

Petite Momma and Little V

Last stop, the UP Sewage Treatment Plant. Manila Water has 38 sewage treatment plants and they are the largest sewerage operator in the Philippines. 

East Ave Sewage Treatment Plant
Photo Credit: Manila Water website

We had a great time at the Lakbayan Tour. This educational tour allowed us to learn more about the processes involved in water treatment and distribution. You, too can join this tour for free.

Our freebies and certificates. Even Little V has one!

Thank you, Manila Water!


  • Closed flat shoes are strictly required
  • Kids below 9 years old are not allowed to join the tour around the treatment plants. Since we did not have any other companion with us, I was unable to tour their treatment plants. My son and I stayed at the plants' conference rooms and read about their processes that were posted around the room.
  • Wear comfortable clothing

Manila Water Company Inc.
MWSS Administration Building 489 Katipunan Road, Balara, Quezon City 1105 Philippines 
Trunkline:(632)917-5900 or (632)981-8100 



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  2. Thanks for this, for plumbing or pozo negro issues, I always call, they are of big help


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