Strawberry Picking in La Trinidad Benguet

If you've been to Baguio, chances are you have visited the strawberry farms in La Trinidad. It is near the Benguet State University (BSU) and about 20 minutes away from the Baguio city proper. You can reach it via jeepney or a taxi cab.

I can vividly remember the first time I went to the farms way back in 2000 (or 2001?). We were staying at the Benguet State University then as part of our north Luzon educational tour in UP. In case you didn't know, my undergraduate degree was agribusiness management. Anyway, so way back then, we walked from BSU to the farms. There were anthuriums planted at the sides of the road leading to the strawberry farm. And only a few non-farmers were present. There were very few stores then, mostly selling preserves, crocheted clothing, and abel iloko.

Fast forward to 2018, a LOT has changed. The road has been cemented and traffic was horrendous. We had to alight our transport and walked towards the farm on that Sunday morning. There were dozens of stores selling pasalubongs and vegetables. And it felt like I was back in Manila because of the crowd.

BSU still maintains the farms and aside from strawberries, you can also harvest vegetables like lettuce. My father-in-law harvested lettuce for the family. Who wouldn't want the freshness of lettuce and its price?

Hindi naman ganun kakipot ang mga pilapil kaya naging madali para sa amin ang maglakad at humayo sa mas may kalayuang lugar.

V and Z were wearing their rain boots which was great because the space between the beds were muddy. If you don't have boots with you, the attendant can give plastic bags to cover your shoes.

Our toddler Z in her yellow boots

There is no entrance fee to the farm, you can even just visit and take photos. As for my family, we were excited to pick strawberries.

The price for picking is 450 pesos per kilo. We went there on January 20. I am not sure though if the price changes throughout the year and the season.

Kahit ilan kami na pipitas, kapag pinagsama, yun ang timbang na bibilangin.

baguio city
Farm attendant

The farm attendant provided us with small baskets and gave some instructions.

V picking his strawberries

strawberry fields forever :)

lettuce be, lettuce be, oh lettuce be, oh lettuce be :)

The kids were happy.

The stores near the farm gave us also the opportunity to buy pasalubongs and vegetables. I got some lengua de gato (read my review here) and strawberry preserves. Hubby bought some keychains, fridge magnets, a colorful broom (called pretty walis), and vegetables. We enjoyed buying veggies because they were so cheap as compared to Manila's supermarkets.

We left the place before lunch time.

Despite the development around it, the strawberry farms have not lost their charm. Stepping on the soil tilled by the farmers reminded me of simplicity, commitment, and hard work. My kids, V in particular, loved the farm. And he says he wants to go back.


  1. This is a big wow!!! This blog is perfect!!! Gusto ko din pumunta Ng Baguio!!!

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  3. Hello' im a new reader of your blog and now a follower of you IG stories hehe 😊 anyways' been asking my partner to bring me there in Benguet so hopefully soon thanks for sharing experience 💛

    1. Thank you for reading and following our journey :)

  4. Ohhh so nice. Sana maexperience ko to soon with my kids :)

  5. Wow wow wow!! Just wow!! Sana maranasan ko din makapunta ng Baguio one of this days. hahah Gusto ko po talaga.. Ang ganda po talaga ng tanawin as what i have seen on this blog madam.. Thank you for sharing this to us you readers ganda.. 👍👍


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