How To: Get a GCash Mastercard ATM

I have been using PayPal for years but have not tried to withdraw funds from it because I have heard about the fees. I don't have much money in my PayPal account anyways, so I just use my fund there to order a few items online. Recently though, I have heard from fellow mom bloggers about the GCash ATM card.


Wait, what? GCash has a card now?

About a decade ago, I registered for GCash but since I couldn't grasp how it would help me, I never used it.

Fast forward to today, GCash has come a long way.

Anyways, so I went to the Globe Hub at UP Town Center and approached the booth. Since I couldn't recall if I had my existing Globe number registered previously, we tried to register to GCash using it. There was an error and the staff had to call their hotline. We were on queue and who-knows-how-long it would take for our call to be answered, the staff suggested to use a new SIM card instead. He said it's free. So, Okay, sabi ko.

While he was fetching a new SIM card, I filled-out their form and gave them a valid ID.

Process. Image from GCash website

The staff placed the new SIM in my phone, helped me with the steps using my phone to register, and voila. I successfully registered the new SIM to GCash. Globe then linked my GCash Mastercard with my GCash wallet.

GCash Mastercard ATM cards.
Image from GCash website

I downloaded the GCash app on my phone, they handed over my GCash Mastercard, paid Php150 for it, and then they gave me further instructions. I was done in just a few minutes. Yay!

Important: To connect your GCash to Paypal, you must use the same details in both accounts. Meaning, the names on your PayPal and GCash should be the same otherwise it won't get linked.

How to connect your GCash wallet with your PayPal account:

  1. Log in to your GCash app using your registered 4-digit MPIN.
  2. Click the Profile icon, select My Account.
  3. Click on PayPal.
  4. Enter your PayPal email address and follow the prompted steps.

How to transfer funds from PayPal to GCash:

  1. On the GCash app, click on Cash In.
  2. Select PayPal.
  3. Enter the amount and transfer.

There is no fee when you transfer your PayPal funds to your GCash. Woohoo!

And only Php20 fee when you withdraw your money from GCash over an ATM machine.

You can also add funds to your GCash wallet through banks, and GCash Partner Outlets like 7-11.

I can think of so many ways you can use GCash.
  • Pay transactions at stores and restaurants via card (POS terminals) or thru Gcash app (I've noticed shops at Ayala Malls accepting GCash as payments)
  • Pay bills
  • Buy load
  • Send money
It can also help those who don't have bank accounts to have their own ATMs, and they only need a Globe SIM card and 1 valid ID! Or perhaps those who have kids who are studying in college, they can use this for their allowances; further teaching their kids about money and budgeting. And of course for those who work online and are paid through PayPal can now withdraw their money without fees!

Know more about GCash here: 


  1. Let me know your thoughts!

  2. Bago lang din ako nag gamit ng Gcash, this week lang hehe. dati pa ako merun, pero di ko po kasi gets kung paanu gamitin hehe now, sa app lang ako.. Paanu po magkaroon ng GCash mastercard madam?

    1. Maam sa Globe store ako kumuha ng mastercard

    2. Anong kailangan nila para makakuha ng gcash card ? Para sana hindi na hassle. I'm also new users of gcash app and just verified recently. Thank you. 😊

    3. I only presented a valid ID sa Globe store.

  3. The features are great - no maintaining balance :)

  4. Wow! really heplful .may gcash app si hubby and am having thoughts of this mastercard. Thanks for sharing tips on how to connect gcash sa paypal..Need ko to for future purposes 😍

  5. I also had gcash and paypal account which was registered way back 2009. Unfortunately my paypal account was a US account dahil wala pang paypal philippines so hindi siya maconnect sa gcash account. what I did was I decided to create a new paypal account na nakaconnect sa gcash account. I transferred funds from my US paypal account to my new paypal account without charges and then from my new paypal account to gcash without also charges in a span of 2 minutes. hassle-free sya at walang bank charges unlike if magwithdraw ka to your bank which will take 2 days and then may bayad na 50 pesos if less than 7K withdrawal mo

  6. Hello, so is it okay po na diretso nalang kami pupunta sa Globe Store and just approach them that we will be availing a GCash Mastercard kahit wala pa kaming activated na sim? My mom wants to get one kasi and we dont know if we should activate the sim first or okay lang kahit hindi na muna.

    1. Yes. Ganun po ginawa ko. Globe provided the SIM na po.


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