Baguio's Lengua de Gato


Most people I know who visit Baguio for a vacation almost always have lengua de gato as pasalubong when they go down from the mountain. For me though, I've always longed for homemade peanut butter.

We were at the strawberry farm on our last day in Benguet. While the kids and the Hubby were left at the farm picking, Baby Ignis and I roamed the stores along the road. There were so many of them that it took me time to decide what I would want to bring home.

The day before that we went to the Shepherd's Convent to buy pasalubong. However, I was not able to buy any though because the baby was asleep and the sun was high that I decided to stay in the van with him instead while the rest of our family braced the long queue at the convent's store.

Anyhow, so I left my bag with Hubby in the farm and I only had less than 200 pesos in my pocket. One of the stalls caught my attention since they were selling 3 tubs of lengua de gato for 100  pesos. You can also assort it with peanut brittle. At that time I was only thinking of two things: would it fit the budget I have and the expiration date. I bought 2 tubs of lengua and a tub of peanut brittle for 100 pesos from that stall.

V and Z got back from the farm, I finally got my bag from Hubby, and we stayed in the van. While we were waiting for the others, I gave the kids some water and a tub of lengua. I was surprised that they only managed to eat a couple each. So I tried it myself. Eeewww. Ayoko. Di ko type ang lasa!

That time I was airing my distaste of the lengua I bought when our driver suggested Tartland, a brand of lengua de gato his kid loves. The stall selling it was also just infront to where we were parked. Carrying my baby, I went down and bought two tubs, a small and a big one, all for 200 pesos. It was discounted already since our driver called the seller and told her that I was with him. Haha!

Now my sister-in-law gave me a tub of lengua, Mountain Maid, she bought at Shepherd's convent before we left for Manila.

Now the battle of the best lengua de gato continues.


Brand X - use a microwaveable container which you can buy from the groceries; lousy seal of cover using scotch tape, no business address, has expiration date and nutritional facts

Brand X

Tartland -  sturdy container; cover has a seal around it; has BFAD and DTI info, business address, nutritional facts and expiration date

Mountain Maid - sturdy container; has foil seal inside, business address, expiration date, story of the brand and nutrition facts


Brand X - cheap

Tartland - affordable

Mountain Maid - a bit pricey


Brand X - smooth, not crumbly

Brand X

Tartland - has some ridges for design, breaks easily (crumbly)


Mountain Maid - smooth, not crumbly

Bawas na nang maisipang kuhanan ng pic. LOL!


Brand X - has an aftertaste, mukhang kapos sa milk and sugar

Tartland - has a strong milky taste

Mountain Maid - has a strong milky taste

Overall, I would have chosen Tartland as the best if it wasn't crumbly. With kids, these lenguas would crumble easily in their little hands and I bet half of it would just end on the floor as crumbs. Sayang lang. For me, Mountain Maid won this review between the three brands.

I guess price do dictate quality.

Do you have other brands of lengua de gato that you'd like to recommend?


  1. I like Mountain Maid too, subok na :) Just like their ube :) Yum

  2. Mas bet ko matikman yun mountain maid ganda..Kahit bawas na yung sa picture mukha pa din talagang masarap.. Sana sana po talaga matuloy kami this holy week magpunta ng Baguio. crossfinger

  3. the extra thin lengua de gato from Sizzling Plate Session. Yum!


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