Thankful: A Collection of What-Have-Yous in Q4 2017

Happy new year!

It's another year for us to rejoice, live a purposeful life, love, learn, and give glory to Him.

I have been having challenges in my schedule caring for three kids, managing the house, homeschooling, and work (includes blogging of course) that I have not had enough sleep for weeks. I can function if I had at least five hours of sleep otherwise I'd be a mombie for sure. And that's how I've been most of the days lately. I know I have to make a schedule that works for us now that we are back to being nanny-less. No helper? No problem! Kayang-kaya yan.

Anyways, before we go embracing the 2018 has to offer, I'd like to share (and reminisce) what happend and what I have received in the last quarter of the year.

McDonald's Contest

I won in a contest of McDonald's that was hosted by the website What did I get? Some vouchers for free food from McDonald's. We used it as our baon in one of our family movie dates. I so love McDo!

Nuffnang Sodexo Blog Contest

I've been a blog-registered with Nuffnang for years and been receiving these blog contests in my email but I have not joined any until they ran the Sodexo contest. It was my first time to join a blogging contest and in September, they announced that I was one of the winners of the consolation prize. Ang saya

 First time to join and I won!

If you missed it, here's my winning entry:

Nedy's 40th

It's been ages since I have attended a birthday event (aside from my parents') that's not a kiddie party. So when Nedy of invited me for her pa-burger, ay di ako nagpatumpik tumpik pa. It was also our group's mini Christmas party and get together since we are all busy and have no time to see each other except for blog events which we rarely attend, too. Haha!

BKS MOMS. Blogging moms at Nedy's birthday. (,,,, I brought Baby I with me that day.

I had a really great time with my friends. Kumanta pa kami sa harap ng guests. Walang practice practice yan! LOL!

I loved the message that Nedy shared in the party - it was filled with lessons that would make you reflect as well.

At ang saya ng family nya, lahat game!

In our table, we had an exchange gift challenge, called "Saan aabot ang singkwenta mo?" wherein we should be able to provide a gift with value of no more than fifty pesos. We all talked about this in our group chat and nagkalituhan at nakalimutan ng iba. Hahaha!

SJ is my mommy

from Faithshoppe

ang bongga ng prize!

Ang kukulit namin. Sayang di kumpleto.

I won in our mini raffle - a Burberry Weekend perfume from SJ! Yay!

We also had sponsors: Folk Ties, Faithshoppe, Lovehopefaith and Thomas Laureti.

Christmas Parties

It's been five years since I last attended a Christmas Party. Yup, the last one was in 2012 when I was still working in the corporate world. God must have heard my prayers that He granted me to attend not just one, but three parties in 2017!

Nedy's birthday-slash-Christmas-party is one of those.

Okay, so here are the other two.

On December 2,  I attended the Christmas party of the companies I work part-time for online. There was a requirement of wearing a Christmas costume to the party and one of the criteria is that it should be recycled. So barely two weeks before the party, I planned on just a simple Christmas skirt. But since I couldn't get a new Christmas tree skirt and I can't use the one under my tree, I opted to use a curtain instead. I sew the curtain on one of my skirts, wore my white and red striped top, bought white and red striped socks at the kids section of the department store, and made a tiara out of a soap box wrapped in used gift wrapper and ribbon. Voila! Costume!

I think twas a week ago when I shared here that I was working on my costume for the first company Christmas party I would be attending in 5 years. Yup. The last party I went to was in 2012. 😄 One of the criteria was to wear something recycled or reused. So here's my COTD. My top is a blouse I've had for a year, I think. On my head I used a used soap box, covered it with scrap of gift wrapper and ribbon, and glued it to a hair band. Tassel earrings from @allaroundpinaymama to match my kurtina bottom (tali kunwari ng kurtina) 😄 My skirt is a curtain that I've sewn by hand to a skirt. And my socks are red and white stripes that I got from the kids section at the department store for kids 2-9 yrs old. Hahaha! Good thing it was strechable! 😄😄 📷 @vincentfangonil #petitemommasworld #Christmas2017 #Christmasparty #costumeparty #Christmascostume #costume #mommybloggersPH #momswhoblog #blogger #instacute #OOTD #COTD #grateful #lovehopefaithgroup #ilovemyjob #workfromhome #tasselearrings #skirt #Christmasskirt
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I left the party early that night because I had Baby I with me and it was getting late already for my little one.

The other party I attended was the most awaited: the Mommy Bloggers Christmas party. Read more about it in my other post. I shared there what happened, the prizes I won, and the loot I went home with. Basta, basahin mo na lang.

Friendship with these ladies from online to offline is one of my most beloved moments that has happened in my blogging life.

Kids Company

I join Facebook contests every now and then but have not won until with Kids Company. There were 12 winners to be picked and after the first 3 winners were announced I already felt like a loser. But I did not loose hope. I held on to it for weeks and finally my name was announced as winner. Yay!!

Claimed our prize! Baby's sleepy


I was surprised to get a message from Globe that they were gifting me a 6-months subscription of Netflix worth Php2,760 for free! I've been a Globe subscriber for as long as I can remember and this Christmas gift was so awesome! Husband and I got hooked with Stranger Things this holidays and now him and the kids watch the Troll Hunter.

Thank you, Globe!

Nuffnang and Del Blog Contest

After winning the consolation prize in September, I joined again the blogging contest of Nuffnang. Sino ba di maeenganyo sa grand prize na 20k pesos worth of Sodexo GCs di ba? I have been having challenges in my schedule during the contest period that I had written my draft for at least a week. Paunti unting sulat. Installment basis. Haha! Natapos naman at nakahabol sa deadline.

I have been applying the law of attraction and was telling my husband that I will be one of those winners. That was how confident I was, aba, syempre love your own! LOL!

I have been putting off buying a new stove, some pots and pans because of budget constraints. Now my prayers have been answered by winning this.

So my kids and I went to get our prize at the Nuffnang office a week before Christmas in BGC. Then we went shopping for kitchen items on new year's eve and I am so thrilled! Nakaka engganyo magluto kapag maayos na stove at magaganda ang pots and pans na gamit.

I ended the year with a grateful heart and have started it with the same grateful heart. When you are happy and thankful for what you have now, you are attracting positive things to happen in your life. And that's how I'd like to live my life each day: grateful.

I would like to start this tradition here on my blog by listing down things that I am grateful for - aside from my family - every quarter. What do you guys think?


  1. Hindi ka masyadong swerte sa contests. Hihi. :)

    Pero grabe, same tayo sa Del contest. I think I was working on my draft for more than two weeks. Akala ko hindi na aabot sa deadline. :p

    1. Sinuwerte last year. Sana this year ulet! Haha! :)

      Mga buzzer beaters pala tayo! :D

  2. Nice andame mong napanalunan! Grateful indeed!


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