Grade 1 Homeschool Curriculum Choices SY 2017-18

We are halfway through the first quarter of the new homeschool year. Kuya V is now in Grade 2 and is learning more to be an independent learner. It is my goal to help him discover the joys in learning. We had our ups and downs last year but it has shaped us both to where we are now. Let me share with you our curriculum choices for Grade 1 last school year.

Preloved Textbooks

I prefer buying preloved textbooks so that we can save money. We used textbooks as one of our references and if we could save on them, we can allot our budget to other materials, the next book fair, or perhaps a field trip.

We only used a few pages of the books in Values Education and Sibika since there were a lot of lessons that overlapped with the lessons in Filipino.

For Math, we used MyPals, a Singapore Math textbook and workbook from Singapore. It is recommend by a lot of parents but for us, we felt that these books were not the right fit. I prefer using the local Singapore Math-based textbook published by Don Bosco. And so we are using the local textbook for Grade 2 this year.

I only got two books for the level 1 of the US curriculum, Sing Spell Read and Write. We primarily used these books for spelling.

Aside from the textbooks we used, we also had additional materials for character building, reading comprehension, and workbooks for Math.

This school year, I plan to use our local library for our storybooks so that I don't have to buy and store them in our small house.

Here's my video on YouTube for our curriculum choices and short reviews on each of them.

Are you also homeschooling? If not, would you consider it?


  1. Thanks for the idea mommy, Atleast nagkaidea ako kung ok ba ang home schooling

  2. What i love about homeschooling natutukan mo talaga mga bata unlike sa regular school.

  3. Wow. Daming activities ng baby mo mommy. Lalaking matalino at may talent yan.


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