Caring for Your Baby's Skin with Nivea Baby


Mothers of my generation grew up knowing, seeing our own moms use it, and have used ourselves at least one product of Nivea, the world's number 1 skin care brand. Hence when I learned about their baby skin care range, I was elated.

Baby's Skin

We all know that a baby's skin is still delicate but did you know that their skin tends to loose moisture fast?

When our skin is dry, we are more vulnerable to irritants, making our skin sensitive.

Mildness or gentleness of skin products on our babies is not enough. They also need a gentle moisturizer to help their maturing skin combat dryness and irritants.

The Skin Care Range for Babies

Nivea formulated their skin care range for babies that provides not just gentleness but also caring protection for our baby's delicate skin.

Together with dermatologists, pediatricians, and mothers, Nivea created a baby range that has no paraben, no alcohol, and no colorants that may irritate baby's skin. Moreover, it is formulated with high quality moisturizing ingredients, strengthening baby's skin.

Nivea Baby Head to Toe Wash

Nivea Baby Head to Toe Wash has Chamomile that gently cleanses and prevent skin from drying out.

Nivea Baby Caring Cream Soap

Nivea Baby Extra Mild Shampoo
Nivea Baby Moisturizing Lotion

Nivea Baby Moisturizing Lotion
is quick absorbing and is formulated with Aloe Vera that keeps the skin moisturized while strengthening the skin barrier.

Use Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream for reddened and irritated skin. It has Calendula that helps calm baby's delicate skin.

A perfect massage partner is the Nivea Baby Caring Oil with Almond Oil that locks in moisture.
Nivea Baby Caring Oil

Clean baby's face, hands, and nappy area with Nivea Baby Fresh and Pure Wipes. It is pure water-based and enriched with Aloe Vera which gently cleanses and maintains the pH level of baby's skin.

Nivea Baby Fresh and Pure Wipes

Bunso for Nivea Baby

We moms are meticulous in everything that concern our kids, most specially our babies. We are constantly on the look out for old and new products that would fit our baby's needs without breaking the bank. We only want the gentle and caring protection on our baby's skin. Thank you, Nivea!

*Nivea Baby sent over some products for my child to try. Here's my full disclosure.


  1. Great products for our baby. Maganda nga ito mommy. Talagang nakaka nourish ng skin ni baby.

  2. Itong brand gamit ko sa aking baby na 5months yung Nivea Head to toe. Maganda sa balat at hiyang ang aking baby.

  3. Nivea ang no.1 skin care brand...maganda tlga xa sa balat hindi xa nkkadry at hndi sticky..the best brand for babies at hndi maiirritate c baby👏👏👏

  4. Natry na ni baby tong nivea,maganda tlga siya sa skin,smooth at hindi nkakadry ng balat..

  5. One of the best product pang babys and toddler,thanks to may kumare dahil yan ang gift niya sa baby ko..thumbs up nivea baby..👍👍👍

  6. One of the best product pang babys and toddler,thanks to may kumare dahil yan ang gift niya sa baby ko..thumbs up nivea baby..👍👍👍

  7. Thanks for sharing this to us, yes super mild nitong nivea baby. Talagang smooth and healthy ang skin ni baby because of this brand.

  8. That's great! Nice idea na nag-formulate ng products si Nivea for babies. Isahang bilihan na for the family.

  9. NIVEA user din si lo. Hehe and nakaka smooth sya tlga ng skin.

  10. Im using Nivea Baby Lotion for my baby

  11. Nivea for my baby and syempre may nivea din na pang Mommy. Kaya nga lagi ako hoard pag may sale ng nivea sa online..

  12. Thanks for sharing this mommy.. May idea na ako if ever magkaroon uli ako ng baby.. hehehe


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