Starting at Home: Shaping the Future by Raising Well-Rounded Kids

One of the many reasons why we homeschool is because we want to be always there for our children: leading, demonstrating, encouraging, mentoring, and loving. Parents are the first teachers of their kids and we believe that if we are able to mold them in such a way that they are well-rounded, we are reshaping the future of their generation.

There are many challenges in parenting that parents have to face and in this fast-paced environment and it can be really daunting. But if there is one thing humans are good at - it is by evolving and adapting.

Parentology+ Powered by NanKid

Launched this 2018, Parentology+ is anchored on three pillars: proper nutrition, active lifestyle, and high social quotient. 

"The success of Parentology+, gave parents an opportunity to address challenges presented by modern parenting. We would like to go deeper into these issues and really flesh out the importance of these three pillars, as well as give parents the tools to establish this at home," 
- Jean Espino, Vice President for Marketing-Premium Milks of Nestle Philippines.

Understanding that parents seek guidance and tips from people they trust, Parentology+ sought the help of various experts to weigh in and give advice for the three pillars, partnered with the NANKID ambassadors.

Social Quotient

Clinical psychologist Dr. Cely Magpantay said that to better encourage kids to socialize with others, parents need to warm up and be present with their child at first, and then be invisible during playtime. This is also what we believe in our family - letting kids play on their own. Unstructured play is a great opportunity for children to practice not only their socialization skills, but also other skills that will be meaningful and applicable in their daily lives today and in the future.

Proper Nutrition

Nutrition can be challenging for parents, especially when kids need around 3,000 calories a day. However, Joy Sotti and Ms. Aleli Magtibay, Nestle's own Nutritionist, say that it can be done with moderation, balance, and variety of food options. Ms. Aleli further advises parents: 
"Follow portions by making sure to give a combination of go, grow, and glow foods in every meal, and practice variety, in terms of flavor, texture, color, and food preparation"

Active Lifestyle

Playtime has a lot of benefits on a child's physical health. Anton del Rosario and Dr. Edgar Eufemio, an orthopedist specializing in sports medicine, want parents and kids to realize that some activities are better than others. Through a fun goal kicking challenge, kids learned the different traits that are beneficial to their physical development and lifestyle.

To encourage kids to be more active, Dr. Edgar says, 
"Give them a taste of success by giving words of encouragement. Be supportive of your kids' activities, so they would just continue doing what they love to do. Also, play with them. if you expect them to be disciplined and grow up a certain way, do it with them."

Upcoming Events on Parentology+

The ambassadors and experts all encourage everyone to drop by Parentology+ to learn more about the three pillars, and how they can make their own home, a home of the future. With the different activities that await participants, exciting prizes such as digital instant cameras, premium tumblers, and other exclusive NANKID items can be won when they post their experience at Parentology+ on social media using the hashtags #NANKID, #PARENTOLOGY, and #ReShapeTheFuture.

Parentology+, powered by NANKID, will at SM Cebu on August 11-12 and Abreeza Davao on August 25-26.

For more details, visit their Facebook page at

Nankid Optipro Four and Optipro HW Four are not breastmilk substitutes. These products are for healthy children above 3 years of age.

*Nankid Optipro sent over some products for my child to try. Here's my full disclosure.


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