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Matindi ang lakas ng ulan sa labas. Suspended na naman ang mga klase ng mga bata - siyempre kaming mga homeschoolers tuloy ang ligaya este klase. Naku, paubos na ang supply ng mga prutas at gulay ng mga bata. Matagal pa ang weekend so hindi makakaraan si Papa sa grocery para makapamili. Kapag ako at ang tatlong maliliit na bata naman ang lalabas, basang sisiw kami nito habang bitbit ang mahigit tatlong ecobags ng groceries. Plus, mas magastos kasi kailangan pa mag-Grab at pakainin sa Jollibee ang mga bagets.

Si bro hindi makalabas ngayon para makapamili kasi may online job at may tinatapos na project. Paano kaya sya makakapamalengke?

Si Mama na senior na, mahina na ang tuhod para makapamalengke pa. Paano na ang hapunan nila ni Papa?

Sounds familiar?

Each one of us has a story to tell about how important going to the market is but we just can't find time to do it. It is either we are busy at work, busy with the family, or the weather won't permit us.  Finally we have a reliable online fresh market delivery service to lean on to. Featuring Atreena, your online fresh market delivery.

What is Atreena?

The online platform for fresh market delivery was born out of a father's desire for a better alternative than physically going to the market to buy fresh produce. Out of a problem, a solution was born. 

Atreena was providing the services as a seller of fresh goods in Honestbee when it was still in operations. Now, Atreena services Metro Manila needs for wet market goods through their app and website.

By just using their website or by downloading their app, you can order your fresh produce through major wet markets in the metro and have these delivered right at your doorstep. 

online groceries

How does it work?

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Type in your delivery address to search for available markets
2. Select the wet market you wish to buy from
3. Shop by categories
4. Add to cart, choose delivery time, and payment options (as of writing they are offering cash-on-delivery payments; credit card payments will be available in the near future)
5. Wait for your items to be delivered

Frequent Questions and Answers:

1. What areas does Atreena cater to?
-  They cater to Metro Manila. They are working with the biggest markets in Metro Manila so that anyone can have avail of this service

2. Is there a service fee?
- Right now they do not have any service fees as they have just started and would like to invite more consumers to try their service

3. What is the minimum order  purchase required?
 - No minimum

4. How much is the delivery fee?
 - For 0-8km distance the delivery fee is 99 pesos, for 8 to 10km it's 120 pesos and for 10km and above it's 150 pesos. The reason for varied pricing of deliveries is that some markets specializes in particular goods. For example, hard-to-find vegetables are sometimes unavailable in Pasig Market but can be availed in Farmers. Atreena wants to give consumer that option.

5. What are your modes of payment?
 - As of writing they are offering cash-on-delivery payments; payments via credit card will be available in the near future

6. Can I cancel an order? If yes, how?
 -  They prefer not to. All fresh items specially fish and meat are prepared according to client's  specifications. They wouldn't want to return it back to the market vendors lest they wont be able to sell it again.

7. What are your operating days and hours?
 - You may order anytime through the app and website. But the delivery window is from 8AM to 6PM

8. How many hours lead time should I give from the time I order to the time they are delivered?
- It depends on the market you choose and how far you are from the market. At a minimum they need at least 2 hours lead time

9. What are your contact numbers?
 - Atreena can be contacted via their Facebook page and Instagram. They also call all customers after placing their orders for verification and ask for any particular instructions they may have missed out in putting.

Our Experience

Since I am using an android phone, I downloaded the Atreena app through Google Playstore. The navigation of the app itself is easy and straightforward. Geographically, my delivery address is near Marikina Market but since I was looking forward to the fresh fish I used to buy personally in Cubao, I opted to use Farmer's Market. I ordered on Wednesday afternoon and right after I checked out in the app, I immediately got a text message and an email confirming my order. Later that day, I received a call from Atreena to verify details of my order and the date and time of delivery. I had mine scheduled to be delivered the next day.

It was pouring hard on Thursday morning and my initial thought was, "kawawa naman yung rider na magdedeliver." Ten minutes from the supposed time of delivery I got another call from Atreena informing me that the rider who was scheduled to deliver was already on his way but had to stop somewhere because of the heavy rains. We value life and safety so I just told them that it was OK and that "safety first." A few minutes later, the rider came smiling with 3 bags and he was soaking wet. I gave him the payment and he handed me the list (receipt) of my groceries and the bags.

The fresh goods were properly packed using the reusable bag and top was waterproofed using a clear plastic bag. I removed one of the plastic and inside it had one tabo of water. Ganun katindi yung ulan na sinuong ni Kuya.

I immediately checked the fruits and veggies, they were all dry. I appreciate that the fresh produce were not placed in small plastic bags, so thank you for being eco-friendly.

online market delivery

The fish that I ordered, I placed it in the counter and I was surprised that they have been cleaned already. I was worrying about it because I forgot to give instructions when I got the call. Hindi ako nakapag instruct na ipalinis na yung isda pero dumating sya na malinis na. At ang fresh ng isda, just how I used to buy personally. 

All the vegetables and fruits picked were beautiful. Walang lanta, walang bulok, malilinis, at ang gaganda. Maayos ang pagkakapili. Our Bunso was looking inside the bags and checking out the fruits and almost ate one grape because he was so excited!

Overall, we are happy and thankful that finally there is Atreena. And I know a lot of homemakers will be happy to use this service as well.

Exclusive Discount Voucher

Atreena is happy to provide an exclusive discount voucher for my Facebook community of The Filipino Homemakers. So if you are not yet a member of this group, head on and click JOIN in our Facebook group:

Have you tried Atreena? How was your experience?




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