Benefits of Music Lessons

We have been doing MAPEH classes for our homeschool by following the textbook and creating our own activities at home to appreciate music, move the body, and express ourselves through art. I have been delaying enrollment of music for Kuya V because one, it is expensive, and two, we do not know yet if he would like it. So when Musicology posted an open house in October 2018, I signed up Kuya V and Ate Z so that they can get a feel of how a music class would be. They both attended the 2-hour keyboard workshop at the music center while they were in their Halloween costumes! Musicology is a music and arts center along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City. It was our first time to enroll the kids at a music class and I was delighted that I did because Kuya V was so inspired in the workshop that when I asked him if he'd like to be enrolled, he said YES.

Musicology was offering a promo that time that if I register with a downpayment of Php1,000 I can enroll him in a voice and piano lessons for 12 sessions for just Php5,999. I registered Kuya V that same day and waited for summer so that we can get a once-a-week session on a weekend so that I don't have to tag along both toddlers at the school. He started his classes in February.

No Musician in the Family

Sadly we do not have a legit musician in the family. I like music and have sang in a few performances before but that doesn't count me as a real musician. It was more of an opportunity grabbed because no one else wanted to perform and since I was a thick-faced, I obliged. Haha!

We saw that our kids are inclined to music since they were babies and have thought, why not enroll in a music class, right? We just have to look for the right instrument and class for them. We enrolled Kuya V because he can already gauge what his interests are. As for Ate Z, we'd wait for a year or two before we decide which would fit her. For now we will just sing songs at home.

Benefits of Music Lessons on Children

We've read about it, music is good for the soul. And for children, there are a lot of benefits of music.

1. It helps improve their brains

According to studies, music helps our brains to improve function and memory. Children who are exposed to music and are taking lessons have better academic performances. Music stimulates part of our brains that helps us concentrate better and recognize patterns.

2. It enhances physical development

Playing an instrument helps children develop timing and coordination. 

Music also develops their gross motor skills when partnered with moving such as dancing.

3. It helps them develop their social skills

Even if Kuya V took a one-on-one session for his lessons, music has helped him develop his social skills as he relates with other people in the center, most specially with the other kids when they were preparing for their recital. It was his first time to perform in a group and his experience has helped him understand how to work with a team, and understand discipline.

4. It teaches them patience, discipline, and resilience

Learning an instrument is not an easy task. When Kuya was learning his first chords using the key from the movie, Coco, I also tried to learn with him. As an adult, it made me realize how much patience, discipline, and dedication my son is learning through this. We have asked him to practice 30 minutes to an hour a day from February to June and we are awed by how much patience he has learned in this period. He would commit a mistake on a key but is encouraged to try again until he was able to play a piece by heart.

Our son has learned that for him to achieve his goal of playing a piece, he has to do lots of practice, develop a habit, and  fail first. Interestingly, this school year I rarely hear him complain about a lesson (subject) that is hard to learn unlike last school year.

Kuya V practicing at home

5. It teaches them to be self-confident

For recital, Kuya V has to sing and play a piano on stage. He dreaded the idea of singing in front of everyone and for weeks that was what his worry was about. As his recital draws near and his piano playing and singing improved, he has developed self-confidence to perform. On recital day, he was no longer worried about how he would perform. He knew that he can accomplish the task at hand because he worked hard for it.

6. It teaches them creativity

One of the many things I appreciate with Musicology is that they conduct psychological assessments on kids as part of their holistic approach. It was through their assessment that I relearned that Kuya V is a budding music composer. During his toddler years, he started singing songs he made himself. His interests in creating his own tunes has not decreased but was heightened during his classes. Who knows, he might be a composer in the future.

Kuya V's Recital

After weeks of lessons and days of rehearsals, the recital happened last June 1, 2019 at the Camelot Hotel in Diliman, Quezon City. For his solo performance, he played and sang the song "You've Got a Friend in Me" from the Movie, Toy Story. It was a proud moment for the whole family to see him on stage.

I truly appreciate the work Teacher LJ has put into Kuya V this summer. I have nothing but good words for the teachers and administrators of Musicology. Thank you!

Here are some photos from his recital:

Sheriff Woody!

With Teacher LJ and other teachers of Musicology

music class in quezon city
Students and teachers

Right now we are taking a break from extra classes. We are still assessing which class would be best for him this year. But surely, we would follow-up on his music classes in the future.

L/G Victoria One Building
Quezon Avenue, Quezon City


  1. Wow ang galing mura gusto ko dn matuto baby ko ng ganito kaya ngayon plang nag iipon na kme.

  2. Laki bagay nito kasi dito malalalaman na may hidden talent pala ang aking mga anak sa music lalo pa na enhanse lalo sila nagingnahilig sa music at ang creativity nila lumalawak at nawala ang pagkamahiyain, nagkaroon ng social activity dati anak ko hindi maka harap sa tao ngayon nakanta na kapag may event at sa school at hindi lang yun siya na mismo nag pursige na matuto siya mag gitara at piano kaya nakaka proud.


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