Product Review: Barlico, a Healthier Coffee Substitute

I am not a coffee drinker. There I said it. I am one of those few people who don't drink coffee even if my parents love their daily prep-me-up drinks. However things have changed when I was introduced to a healthy coffee substitute, Barlico. After a couple of months using it, I can share with you my honest review.

I don't Like Coffee!

Coffee for most people is like water, they can't live without it. But for me, I rarely drink coffee and when I do it leads me to the toilet - always. When my former colleagues were hyped in their 20s and were frequenting coffee shops, me I rarely join them. Because again, it sends me to the toilet. Ha! Ha!

Drinking coffee triggers my hyper acidity hence I don't like it. But the taste of coffee specially the ones with cocoa powder, milk, and all that jazz is oh so enticing. 

Barlico: The Healthy Coffee Substitute

It was only last year that I finally tried Barlico, a coffee substitute I have been seeing on my newsfeed from fellow bloggers. Late bloomer, I know! I was intrigued then of what Barlico was and why a lot of bloggers were recommending it.

Barlico is made of superfoods Barley Grass and Chicory

Barley has vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K. It has electrolytes and other essential minerals.It has powerful antioxidants, essential amino acids, and beneficial enzymes. Barlico is a detoxifying drink.

Chicory on the other hand is a herbaceous plant close to lettuce and cabbage. As how Ms. Mae of Barlico explains it, Chicory helps the body rid of depression. Remember the movie "Kita Kita" of Alessandra de Rossi? In that film, she was giving Empoy dishes with cabbage to help him with his blues. I think I can plainly say Chicory and cabbage are happy pills.

Chicory also helps in digestive problems, improve balance of blood and plasma in the body which reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

And it doesn't stop there. Barlico has organic ingredients that it is safe to be consumed by pregnant, lactating mothers, and kids! Barlico is safe and healthy for the whole family.

Make a Change with Barlico

As a mom of three kids, I have been looking for ways to make our lives healthier. We even went to a point of eating vegetable-based meals only for almost a month. (Sidenote: we didn't last because we missed our meat. Haha! But we are trying our best to add more veggies and fruits in our diet).

Barlico has made me look differently in drinks related to coffee. With this coffee substitute. I can enjoy the aroma and taste of coffee without getting hyper acidity or palpitations. It is a health drink that I can take any time of the day. I take it in the morning, afternoon, and even midnight without having to worry that I won't be able to sleep soundly. 

As a breastfeeding mom, the barley in Barlico has helped me sustain the needs of my growing toddler. Baby I would ask to be nursed every a couple of hours and I have no worries since my milk supply is more than enough.

I have noticed too that after drinking Barlico for a few days, I no longer get constipated.

Has your toddler asked to drink what you are drinking? My two toddlers do! Z and Baby I would always. ALWAYS. Always ask for my cup. Barlico is a health drink and is caffeine-free hence it is safe for my kids to take. They love Barlico so much, they even like drinking my cappuccino!

coffee substitute philippines

Speaking of cappuccino, I have tried using Barlico Cappuccino on a favorite dessert: coffee jelly! Now that we have a healthier version of this dessert, I won't mind if the kids ask for seconds.

coffee jelly recipe

Barlico is available in three variants: 
  • Barlico Instant Coffee Substitutes Granules are priced at Php 95.00
  • Barlico 3-in-1 at Php 85.00
  • Barlico Chocolate is at Php 130.00
  • Barlico Capuccino at Php 120.00

Barlico is available in Hi-Top Quezon Avenue, PC Mart Kapitolyo, Cash & Carry, Unimart Capital Commons and Unimart Greenhills, Makati South Supermarket and through Barlico Official Resellers in Cebu -- Wellnessland Health Institute, Davao -- Lacto Mom and Storked PH and Mumsy Avenue in Las PiƱas.

The places to find Barlico is still limited and I am hoping that more supermarkets and retailers will offer this so that more families can take advantage of the goodness of this health drink.

To know more about this health drink, visit their Facebook Page and Instagram.

Have you already tried Barlico?


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