Love in Action

Marriage takes a lot of work. To anyone who is busy preparing their wedding details let me tell you this: look beyond the wedding. Marriage is not a one-day fairytale. It takes two people to partner with each other and make things work. Every. Single. Time. Of. The. Day. All spouses must meet the three roles once they get married - it is our secret for a long lasting relationship. One of the roles is being a partner to your spouse. And by being a partner, it requires love in action.

Breaking Gender Stereotypes

I grew up in a family where the mom takes care of the household and the dad works for a living. Whenever my mom had to leave to take a vacation at the her province, Papa would take over and he'd come up with out of this world recipes. And because I love him, I am the most unwilling victim of his dishes. Haha! (Love you, Papa!)

Now that I have my own family, I am glad that my husband and I are on the same foot when it comes to house management. We break gender stereotypes.

My husband is a better cook. And I know my way inside a hardware store.

Both men and women are capable of interchanging roles, except of course of getting pregnant and breastfeeding. Haha!

Partners at Home

Both of us were working before we even met. We understand the stress and fatigue our work brings to us hence when we got married, we both understood as well that we have to work together to manage our home.

Spouses need to have a clear communication on how they can share the workload at home. Wives can do the laundry while husbands can do the ironing. Husbands can cook and wives can do the dishes after. Whatever the load-sharing is, it has to be communicated between each other on how they want the chores done and when it should be completed.

Just how Bubbleman Dishwashing campaign is, Love in Action, we show our love to our partners through our actions.

One of the chores many people dread is doing the dishes. For one, it dries the skin on your hands most specially if the product use is harsh on your skin.

With Bubbleman Dishwashing Liquid, you can be sure that it is delicate on your skin. It also easily rinses and is biodegrable. Bubbleman is available in three variants: anti bacterial (blue), kalamansi (green), and lemon (yellow).

Bubbleman is available in most leading supermarkets nationwide.