Three Reasons Why You Should Own Your House

Many families dream of owning their own house. Each has its reasons to acquire a property but a lot of Filipino families still rent due to financial issues. A sad reality, yes. But I'd like to share with you three reasons why you should own your house hoping to inspire you to reach a little bit further for that dream home.

The Dream 

When I was a little girl, one of my nighttime prayers was to own our own house. I would always dream about having my own room in the attic just like Princess Sarah from the afternoon anime show we used to watch. Whenever my school service passes by that dreamy house I wanted, I daydreamed of how would it be like to live in that house.

I brought that dream with me into adulthood that after being engaged, instead of preparing for our wedding, our first project as a couple was to purchase our home. We looked and was fortunate enough to get a pre-selling condominium unit in the city where we were working. That year, we paid off our equity while we were also saving for our wedding. We dated at fastfoods, didn't buy gifts to each other, no flowers - just so we can save money. We had a very simple wedding later that year because we prioritized the expenses on acquiring our house and we have no regrets at all.

Building Equity

How much does it cost to rent in the city? When we got married in 2009, our condo unit was not yet ready for occupancy so we rented a studio apartment near Cubao for 5K. It was less than 16 square meters (about the size of a small bedroom) and we were paying that much. The 2 bedroom apartments in the area were around 8-10k.

We didn't want to throw away money for rent for some property that will never be ours. We reckon that the monthly payment we give to Pag-Ibig Fund is not just an expense but a way to build our equity. Part of the monthly payment goes to the principal loan and this is part of our equity, our share of the property. After paying-off this property, it will be ours.

And since this is our own property, we can sell it or have it rented out in the future should we decide to live somewhere else.

Real estate's value increases. Your property appreciates.

Each year a new development rises in our area. We now have a bank, 7-11 and a mall! These developments increase the market value of the property.

The Pride of Ownership

Wouldn't it be nice to see your name on a land/property title? It feels good, I'm not gonna lie.

I feel proud that despite the financial difficulties in our family, we are able to pull through to acquire this property and still be able to pay the mortgage.

Yung pakiramdam na meron akong naipundar. Iyong masasabi mo sa magulang mo na, "Ma, Pa, huwag kayong mag-alala. May mauuwian kami." 


Peace of mind, not only to our parents but to our own family. When you are not renting, you don't have to worry about increases in rent, getting evicted, crazy landlord and their out of this world rules.

Your property, your rules.

Homeowners are more invested in their properties and the community they live in. This in turn translates to a more stable and close knit community.

The stability resonates with the children as well. They are able to live in a neighborhood where they are friends up to adulthood. I know a group of friends who are homeowners and live on the same street. They have been friends for at least 30 years. Now their wives and children are friends with each other, too.

Onward to the Future

We still dream of owning a property that has a garden. In time, I believe, we'll be able to achieve it.

One of the places we are looking to invest in the future is San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. This developing city is the last stop of the MRT-7 line, an important mass transportation that gives all the area it passes through a promise of a booming economy.

There is also an ongoing study of the 700-billion Bulacan airport in SJDM by San Miguel Corporation. Should this proceed, we can be assured of a metropolis developing and that the value of the properties in this town would be costly. Hence it is important to act soon.

There are a number of real estate in the city and you may want to check Allwell Homes Realty for properties you might want to invest in.


  1. I also dream of a home with a garden. I believe we still can achieve that goal. Sa sipag at galing nating, kaya. :)

  2. Pangarap din po namin magkaroon ng sariling bahay. Dati po kumuha kami sa montalban lilipatan na lang namin un kaso sabi ni hubby super layo pala sa work place nya 😢 nakakahinayang yung perang naihulog namin doon . At ngayun di na kami makakuha kasi forfieted na un eh isang beses lang ata pwede kumuha ng bahay sa pag-ibig. Sad life si hubby lang kasi merong pag-ibig since SAHM lang ako.

    1. Pwede ka momma mag voluntary member sa Pagibig. I am a voluntary member so ako nagbabayad sa Bayad Center every month. Sayang din kasi para may ipon ka sa Pag-ibig kahit hindi ka mag housing loan.

  3. very true. kaya pangarap ko pa rin ng sarili bahay

  4. Dreaming to have my own castle. Para magkaroon ng peace of mind

  5. Ito ang ultimate pangarap ko.... above everything else. Bahay. For me and my son.

  6. I'm also praying to have our own house soon.
    Yung feeling na masasabi nyung eto ang bunga ng aming pinaghirapan. Patience is a virtue. Sipag, tiyag ang pundasyon. 😊

  7. I'm also praying to have our own house soon. Iba parin yung feeling na makikita nyu yung bunga ng paghihirap nyu. Patience is a virtue. Sipag, tiyaga ang pundasyon..

  8. Dati nakikitira kami sa bahay ng nanay ko so mahirap talaga lalo na sa pagbudget tsaka syempre sa mga desisyon medyo nababara minsan pero madami din natutunan kaya nagdesisyon nalang kaming mangupahan at sana makapag ipon na ng makapagpatayo ng sariling bahay..

  9. True..Makakamit ko ang "peace of mind" kapag may sariling bahay na kami..Hopefully soon...Hayyy...sarap sa pakiramdam nun...

  10. Mainam po talaga ang may sariling bahay kasi less expense na monthly, magagawa mo pa po yung nais mong gawing pagpapaganda or pagpapaayos sa bahay mo. Kaya lang karamihan talaga sa atin hindi afford magkaroon ng sariling bahay..

  11. One of my biggest dream... Ang magkaroon ng sariling bahay.. Sa ngayon po kasi nangungupahan lang po kami, huh! grabe ang hirap...Ang laki na ng savings ko sa landlady.. hahha Hopefully, soon... Sipag at tiyaga.. Makakamit ko don ang pangarap na bahay..

  12. Dream ko rin po taLagang mag karon ng sariLing bahay , kaiLangan talaga ng mahabang panahon at oras para mapag ipunan un lalo na wala kaming sariLing bahay ung asawa ko nakikitira lang din sila kaso walang bayad since bata pa sila dito na sila nakatira hanggang ngayon andito rin kami ng anak ko . Sobrang pangarap ko mag karonmg sarili nameng bahay ipon at tsaga lang taLaga ..


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