Breastfeeding and Malunggay Tea

Since the birth of my daughter in 2015, I have been breastfeeding non-stop. These mammary glands that have failed me in 2011 with my first-born, has been working hard for three years now to feed my second and third children. I can finally say that I am a padede mom.

Breastfeeding can be beneficial and rewarding for both moms and babies but it is not an easy task. Mommy has to make sure that her health is at optimum, that she is well hydrated, and that her milk supply is adequate.

During the first weeks of giving birth, my family provided healthy dishes for me - which are mostly with Malunggay. I grew up planting, growing, cooking, and eating Malunggay. I was very well aware of its nutritional benefits, including boosting a mother's supply breastmilk. And tandem breastfeeding Toddler Z and Baby I last year, I needed all the boost to feed them.

Getting well hydrated is an important factor in increasing your breastmilk. I drink water, tea, and juices. Also, I enjoy making my homemade chocolate drinks for breakfast and/or merienda.

M2 Concentrate Tea Drink

In 2011, NatureEarth has introduced M2 concentrate tea drink. With malunggay, okra and ginger as its main ingredients, it is packed with powerful nutrients, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium. Malunggay, okra and ginger are also low calorie vegetables that are excellent sources of calcium and healthy  antioxidants.

I was really curious of this product that I've seen a few times on my social media account's newsfeeds. I wondered how would a tea infused with malunggay, okra, and ginger taste? I eat all those, by the way, including raw ginger. But as tea?

When I finally got the product at home for me to try, I instantly got hooked.

I concocted my iced M2 tea by also adding concentrated calamansi with honey. And it was delicious! My kids and husband liked it as well. In fact whenever I make my tea, they'd ask for a glass, too.

breastfeeding drink

breastfeeding booster

We also got to try their shingaling fortified with malunggay. The kids and I agree that the cheese flavor tastes better than the sour cream. It was their first time to eat shingaling and I am glad that their experience was satisfying.

We stopped buying powdered juices  months ago and I am glad to have been introduced to M2. This is now my go-to product, most specially when I crave for iced tea. It's delicious and more importantly, it's healthy. This mama needs to be in great health all the time to care for three young kids.

M2 1L concentrate is P259
And the ready to drink one is P55

If there's anything I'd like to change differently on the product, I hope they could have an easier to peel seal. I love that it was tightly sealed but it literally hurt my fingers opening it. It took me at least three minutes to peel the seal off. Another thing, is that I hope they could improve on the availability of the product in the market. M2 is currently available at all Robinsons Supermarkets and Andoks Litson Manok stalls. I hope in the future that it would be available in more stores

For more information about the product and other updates, please follow their Facebook page, M2LactationClub.

*NatureEarth sent over these products for my review. All opinions expressed are mine and based on my experience. Here's my full disclosure.


  1. I was very concern that I wouldn’t have milk. I was trying everything until I got my hands on Healthy nursing tea. It was what I was looking for, I started producing more milk I was able to satisfy my LO.

    1. That's great to hear fellow breastfeeding mom! Cheers! :)

  2. I agree. Hope we could easily find this tea at leading supermarket. Not only refreshing but my breastmilk supply improved talaga.

    1. Wala pa ako nabibili na new supply. :( Dadayuhin ko RObinsons minsan. haha

  3. Naalala ko noong nagpapabreastfeed pa ako, mahilig ako sa sabay na may malunggay o kahit ano basta may sabaw.

  4. Super helpful for breastfeeding mommies like us. Nakakapagpadami talaga ng milk supply natin

  5. Mukang need ko itong tea na ito :D nauubusan na ko ng milk.


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