Mom and Kid-Approved: Caffeine-free Coffee Jelly

My children loves jello. If I open a jellyace, you'd be sure to have a whole pack finished in one afternoon. Some pre-cooked jellos can be too sweet or their packaging is too tight to open leaving me with sore fingers. It helps a lot when moms can cook our own jelly dessert at home. Mr. Hat Gulaman comes to the rescue with 6 unflavored and 6 flavored variants. And for last week, I made a very easy dessert using Mr. Hat Gulaman and Barlico: a caffeine-free coffee jelly dessert that is perfect for kids.

Mr. Hat Gulaman is a trusted brand by Filipina moms when it comes to powder-based jelly. Their products are made from the finest natural seaweed extract and generates 3 to 4 times more gulaman than other jelly powder in the market. With just a sachet, you can feed your whole family - and guests! Plus it is so easy to prepare!

Mr. Hat Gulaman has 6 unflavored and 6 flavored variants

Barlico is a coffee substitute that is made from the goodness of barley and chicory.  Barley aids in cleansing the digestive system and aids in kidney function, lowers blood cholesterol and promotes bone health. While chicory is considered a superfood. Their products are caffeine-free and a healthier alternative to the usual coffee in the market. Safe for pregnant, breastfeeding moms (like me!), and kids.


1 sachet of Mr. Hat Gulaman unflavored jelly powder in black color
3 sticks of Barlico Cappucino
2 packs of All-Purpose Cream (250mL)
1 can of condensed milk (300mL)

You just need 4 ingredients: Mr. Hat Gulaman, Barlico cappuccino, all-purpose cream, and condensed milk


1. Prepare 1.5 liters of water in a casserole.
2. Gradually sprinkle Mr. Hat Gulaman and stir until dissolved.

3. Gradually sprinkle Barlico cappuccino sticks into the casserrole. Stir until dissolved.

Note: I wanted the jelly to have that strong taste of the cappuccino hence I used 3 sticks. I also prefer not to add sugar anymore since the cream later on would be sweet anyway.

4. Turn on the heat, wait for the mixture to boil while stirring constantly.

5. Slowly pour mixture into mold and let it cool. After it sets, cut into cubes.

6. In a bowl, combine the all-purpose cream and condensed milk. Add the cubes and chill before serving.

Note: Place the coffee jelly in the chiller of your fridge and not inside the freezer.

Our healthier version of coffee jelly dessert is perfect specially for my three young kids. The adults also went crazy over this dessert. Have you tried a coffee jelly before? 

barlico recipe


  1. yummy!! itry ko ito..Available na din po ba sa supermarket ang Barlico?

    1. Yes, momma! You can find it at Rustan's, Hi-Top, Cash and Carry, Makati Supermarket. You can check their Facebook page for more info :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this recipe mommy Kat! Pero relate talaga ako sa too tigh packaging ng jellos, leaving us with sore fingers. Parang ayaw pabuksan ng manufacturer.. titigan nalang natin, ganun? 😅

    Nakatry na ako ng coffee jelly before pero hindi ko naappreciate kasi nagiguilty ako sa caffeine. But maybe this time hindi na kapag caffeine-free yung coffee na gagamitin. Try ko toh hihi 👍

  3. Wow try ko po ito. buti na nga lang po meron ng mas pinadali na proseso dahil sa gulaman. Dati ang gamit pa namin ng mama ko ung rectangle na mahaba nakalimtan ko po tawag doon 😂. Tapos magiging gelatin na.haha

  4. Yass it's so yummy. Favorite ng anak ko. We also have our version of Maja Jelly. :) Gelatin with corn kernels. Healthilicious pa.

  5. Balak ko talaga ito gawin kong dessert sa first bday ni bunso.. Ngayon march.. Meron ba niyan sa puregold momshie un barlico? Para maiba na man ang timpla.. Salamat sa recipe momshie 😊

  6. Wow i want to try this momsh . Tha ks gor sharing this recipes mukhang masarap talaga sya . Sarap talaga ng mga flavor ng gulaman .. Never pa ko nkatikim ng barlico . Matry ka rin ito

  7. Wow thank you for all tje recipes mommy sobrang nakakatulong ito sa amin mga mommy pwede ng mag start ng business nito sa mga recipes na binigay mo mommy

  8. Naku momsh! Tamamg tama po ito barlico cappuccino sa sobrang hilig ng mga bagets ko sa coffee jelly kung noon once a week lng ako gumawa ngayon mapapadalas na dahil safe ang barlico cappuccino kahit sa kids at pregnant mom.


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