Death Through the Eyes of a 7 and 2 Year Old Kids

It was a normal morning for us. We had breakfast and the kids started to play right after. Without prompting, the kids suddenly remembered their Nanny who left last December. She was with us for 9 months last year. So we started talking about her; it's been a while since the last time they have mentioned her. That was a Thursday.

On a Friday we learned through Facebook that their previous Nanny has passed away.

It was heartbreaking to say the least. She took care of Kuya V for 2 years in 2011-2013. And helped us out last year when I gave birth to Baby I. She was an angel to our family. A kind person who left her own home to help us out - me in particular because I asked her for it. I would not have survived giving birth to Ignis and managing a home with three kids if not for her help.

Toddler Z kept saying, "Mama, wala na Ate? Patay na sya?"

"Yes, anak. Bumalik na sya kay God."

Z: Di ko na sya kikita ulet?

Me: Yes, babe. Hindi na.

Then I cried.

Kuya V calmed me and said, "Sige Mama, cry ka lang. Okay lang yan."

Here is a 7-year-old who understood the situation and has a courageous heart.

That night, Kuya V went to our bedroom and asked me if he could "talk" alone to his Ate through a prayer. I told him he is welcome to do so. I also asked him to thank his Ate for all the help she gave us, for our family, and that he prays for her soul.

Naniniwala ako na binisita nya kami bago sya bumalik sa Panginoon. Ilang buwan na syang wala sa amin pero naisip nya ang mga bata kahit hirap na sya nung time na yun. Or probably ang Guardian Angel nya ang bumulong sa amin ng mga bata.

The angel of our family was granted wings by God and is now with Him for eternity.


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