That Thing Called Bleb

I have been breastfeeding non-stop since July 2015. In my almost three years of naturally feeding my babies with my mammary glands, it was only recently I had problems.

Toddler Z was exclusively breastfed until she was at least 15 months old. And was tandem feeding with her baby brother until she was 26 months old. Baby I is still exclusively breastfed and has at least 6 teeth on his cutie gums at 10 months.

And he is teething.

Of all my three children, our Bunso is the most irritable during the teething stage. He would bite my nipple, shallow nurse, pull, and would just always ask for my already hurt nipple for comfort. These issues have resulted to several instances of clogged milk ducts and recently I just had a milk bleb.

What is a milk bleb?

Simply referred to as a blocked nipple pore, also called a milk blister or bleb, is a white spot (milk) on the nipple covered under the skin. It happens when the baby does not latch properly. Baby I has been using my nipples as his pacifier so this happened.

It is painful. Most specially if you already have clogged milk ducts and your breasts feel hard to touch.

I cringed everytime it was touched, moreso when the baby nurses. Sobrang sakit, and I have a high pain tolerance. Dito, napasigaw talaga ako sa sakit.

According to Medela, it usually goes away on its own when the baby is latched on better. There are some though that needs to be treated before they disappear.

You can read more about milk bleb and how to treat them at: 

As for my case, I have used warm compress, breast massage, fed my son while kneeling on all fours (like a standing dog), changed into a non-constrictive clothing, and just nursed, nursed, and nursed some more. I did not use any medications or painkillers. After a week, the bleb slowly went away.


Now I have to watch out how Baby I latches to prevent blebs in the future. Ayoko na ulet ma experience yun

Breastfeeding mommas, have you also experienced this?