Avengers Infinity Wars Party Theme

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Our kids are Marvel babies. The first movies they saw are from Marvel. Hilig ng mga magulang eh. Haha! And just before Baby Ignis' birthday, the much awaited movie of the year was finally shown: Marvel's Avengers Infinity Wars. Of course we watched it as a very big family (inlaws included) with Ignis playing with the La-Z-boy buttons while the movie was ongoing. Hyped with the movie, the kids and I decided to have an Avengers Infinity Wars birthday party.

We planned Baby I's birthday party to be an intimate one. With just family members attending. But, hey, that doesn't mean we can't have a birthday party theme, right? It's his first birthday and it has to be special for him.

So just less than a month before the big day, I started to scout online for inspiration and supplies. Since the movie was not being shown yet when I searched, there was nothing much to find. So I relied on inspiration from the previous Avengers movies instead.

Our party is a small one so I wasn't stressed much on the theme.

birthday party ideas
Our simple party set up


We again chose Discovery Suites Ortigas 3-bedroom suite for the venue. You can read about my previous posts on Discovery Suites here, here, and here.

I just got them from SM Supermarket

I opted not to have cupcakes since 90% of our guests are adults. We got donuts from Dunkin Donuts and placed Avengers cupcake toppers that I forgot which store I bought it from.

birthday party theme
Donuts from Dunkin Donuts

Wooden Ladder and Table Cloth
These were from the previous party of Z.

Craft Letters
These are the same craft letters I got from Binondo Pabili for his baptism last year. We had a Spiderman themed party then.

 The kids painted the letters this time using the colors of the infinity stones. Kulang ng isang character for red!

I couldn't find a regular red and blue buntings so I asked Kuya V to create one for his baby brother. He used plain cartolina and string. His uncle and aunt helped him with this task.

We brought along some of the Marvel character toys and accessories of my kids. We brought Iron Man, Spiderman, Hulk, Groot, and Star Lord. We also brought Thor's Mjulnir and Captain America's shield.

I have always loved Donnatella's Cakes work. She has been making cakes for us since 2015. And for Baby I's birthday, I asked her to create an Avengers Infinity Wars cake. I gave her my peg and a few directions, and she made it into a masterpiece. And the cake tastes delicious! You can check her IG @donnatellas_cakes for more of her creations.

birthday cake
Avengers Infinity Wars Birthday Cake
Infinity stones surround the Avengers logo

birthday cake
Avengers Infinity Wars birthday cake for Baby Ignis

Popcorn from Chef Tony's
birthday ideas

Thor's Hammer
- big white marshmallow and pretzel

Nick Fury's eye patch 
- mini Oreos
birthday party

Infinity Stones 
- Jello
birthday party

I opted not to add any banners or backdrop since the tabletop has a lot going on already. The area was simple just as I wanted it.

For our food, since our event was at lunch time, my Husband and in-laws cooked. While my parents and aunt brought additional cake, puto, and pancit.

Lunch time, Pinoy style

Too bad Baby I was asleep when it was time for candle blowing. But don't worry, our little Ate Z took care of it. Haha!

Happy birthday, Baby I!

Checking out his gifts

We had a great time spending Ignis' first birthday party with the people that mattered to him most. Can you please say a little prayer for our little boy? Thank you!! 

We officially now have two toddlers in the house. Hala, magulo ito. LOL! 


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