Random Musings | Write When You Have Nothing to Write

"Even if you have nothing to write, write and say so" - Cicero

Staring blankly on my phone's notepad (I write drafts using my phone), I realized I've been doing this for the past 4 nights already. I tried to look for an interesting topic for my site but I go back blank.

I wanted to write.

I am itching to write but have nothing to write.

And then this quote by Cicero appeared on my search list as I looked for a quote applicable to my predicament. The unborn child inside me moved as if he was excited for me, "Mama, here's your answer!!"

I could go and write about my problems these days but I never really liked sharing those even with friends simply because I am aware that I see them as problems NOW since I don't have a solution to them - yet. But once I see a possible resolution to them, I begin to accept them as opportunities.

Opportunity to learn.

Opportunity to grow.

Opportunity to trust more in Him.

Okay, so it's past midnight and I suddenly stopped writing because of these tapping noises I hear. Oh dear neighbors, magpatulog kayo!

I just entered the last trimester of my pregnancy last week. I have 9 more weeks to go before another C-section. I've changed my OB last year due to convenience in location and will give birth to a new hospital in QC. Why change hospitals? One, Medical City is too far and traffic is horrendous. Two, my OB now is not affiliated with MC. Three, their rates have increased 20% from 2015. And more importantly, we need to be near the two older kids when I give birth and MC is not the location that would be best for the family. Please pray for me and Baby I for a safe delivery.

In two months, our Bunso will be with us to hold. Wala pa ako gamit nya. I've only sorted some clothes of the older kids and got a few gifts from a baby shower. Most of V and Z's infant clothes were given away previously and I'm starting from scratch again.

Why are baby clothes so expensive??

I don't have a one-word this year. But I did promise myself to write more and vlog more. These are the outlets I want to help me be sane. It gives me so much pleasure to be able to help others through my site and YouTube channels.

These past weeks, I've been getting messages on my FB page from readers asking me about homeschooling and it gives my heart joy to be an instrument to these lovely people in their own journeys. I am not influential in the net nor am I a well-known blogger. In fact, I don't write as good as other bloggers! But these small things from readers put me in good spirits. They make me want to be better not only for myself but to others as well.

Dear reader, thank you!!

And so I have noticed that this has been in my drafts for days. Ha! Ha! Oh well, I can blame it on momnesia. Hihihihi.

The whole household's asleep and I know I should be, too. But if you're a mom I know you'd understand that these are the only rare moments in our days where we can actually do things quietly on our own - browsing the net, reading, writing, watching TV, eating chocolates - and we'd rather stay up late to do these than hit the sack. Haha!

So, what have you been up to?