Phonics-in-Reading Book Series for Preschoolers and Young Children

I learned bout the Phonics-in-Reading (PIR) books through the blog of Mommy Teresa, the head of HOPE (Hands-On Parents while Earning). My son was just 3 years old then and has just started to learn phonics. It was only after a year that I went back to her blog and looked for PIR books.

The first PIR books we got were from another homeschooling family who were selling their preloved books. I really liked the PIR books that I have decided to buy all the books for Series 1 and 2.

What is Phonics-in-Reading?

Phonics-in-Reading is a series of books with short stories that introduce phonics and easy sight words. They were made for beginning readers like preschoolers and for older kids struggling to read. The books offers fun stories that entertain any readers.

These books were published in Malaysia and was written by May S.M. Mah. Locally, it is being distributed by WS Pacific Publications.

Each series compose of 10 books. They are systematically written where stories grow in length as the reader improve his reading skills.

Series 1
The first 5 books of this series have 2 short stories each focusing on short vowel sounds. While books 6-10 focuses on long vowel sounds

  • Book 1: Cat On the Mat & Dan and Nan

  • Book 2: Vet in a Jet & Ben and Red Hen

  • Book 3: Cat's Big Wig & The Tin Bin

  • Book 4: Pop and His Dog & Fox in the Box

  • Book 5: Pup in the Mud & Bug in the Mud

  • Book 6: May and Jay Stay Away from the Rain

  • Book 7: Green Frog and the Bee

  • Book 8: Mike and His Kite

  • Book 9: Joe and Doe on a Boat

  • Book 10: Sue's Birthday

Series 2
Books 1-4 focuses on consonant blends, books 5 & 6 on double L consonants, and books 7-10 features consonant digraphs.

  • Book 1: Fred Frog and Drab Crab

  • Book 2: Blue Cow Goes Out to Play

  • Book 3: Snobby Snail and Smarty Snake

  • Book 4: Sweety Swan and the Starfish

  • Book 5: What Does Charlie the Chimp See?

  • Book 6: Nell and Dell at the Ball Game

  • Book 7: Bill and Jill

  • Book 8: Rick and His Tricks

  • Book 9: A Duck's Luck

  • Book 10: The King and the Ring

Parts of the Book

  • Pre-reading Practice
    Introduces word lists before the stories. These words are also used throughout the series.

  • Short Story

  • Comprehension and Word Review Worksheets

  • Tips for Teachers and Parents

Our Experience

As we progressed with the series, I saw a great improvement on my son's reading skills and confidence. Before he would hesitate to read aloud on his own. By the time he was half-way done with the program, he'd initiate to pick up a book and read it aloud for us. He even rereads the books we've finished. He really liked the stories and how each intertwined with the other characters in the successive books. The decodable short sentences has helped him gain confidence and increase his interests in reading independently.

Where to Buy?

We bought our books at Metro Department Store at UP Town Center at Php54.75 each. They don't have Series 2, though so I had the second series bought online. I purchased them through the online store of WS Pacific Publications:

Do you have other phonics-based progressive chapter books to recommend? Please let me know in the comments below! :)


  1. Hi! Thanks for this post...Been looking for these types of materials for my 3 year old also.. By the way, what strategies did you use for pre-reading and how did you teach them how to read? This year is our first in homeschooling and I'm not so confident in teaching my kid how to read... Or maybe you have a blog na for this po maybe I can learn from it.Thanks in advance... By the way, I couldn't open the site I don't know why. I hope to order from them too. Thanks for this very helpful blog of yours! - May

    1. Hi May! Thank you for visiting my blog :) Sorry about the link, it should be

      I started visual and auditory discrimination to my son when he was 3 years old then taught him phonics (sound of each letter of the alphabet). Then blending, before we taught him to read words. I've been planning to put up a video of it on our homeschool YouTube channel but have not had the time yet. :)


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