Genki Sushi UP Town Center

We've been dreaming of going to Japan with the kids and we plan to visit the land of the rising sun probably when our youngest (still in utero as of writing) is at least at a preschooler age. For now we can just learn more about Japan through books, TV, and of course, their food. One of the interesting culinary experiences in Japan that's in the Philippines now is dining while food is served using conveyor belts. And Genki Sushi at UP Town Center has this.

Recently opened in 2016, Genki Sushi has earned a number of clients in the past months. I've passed this resto several times before when I visit UPTC but have not tried it until this week.

We went there for lunch and was immediately ushered in by their staff to our table, 27. Our waiter explained the process on how we can order. Using the iPad installed per table, we would just have to select and click our orders from the menu on the screen, then the selections would go to a train at the bottom. You can select 4 orders at a time. Then press the "Go" green button to place it. Once you click the Go button, you can not cancel your orders.

While waiting, the waiter gave us some green tea powder and pointed to us where we can get hot water right at our table.

Hot water for green tea

Green tea

For safety reasons, kids younger than 7 years old are not allowed to sit in the inner seats of the table. This is to prevent their hands getting caught by the conveyor and/or getting burned by the hot water.

Kudos to the staff for giving Z a set of kiddie spoon and fork even without us asking for it!

Here are our orders:

Salmon Sashimi (Php 250)

Chicken Katsudon (Php220)

  Fried Maki Salmon (Php160)

 California Maki (Php160)

Kiddie spoon and fork for our toddler

Asahi Beer (Php 120)

Strawberry Burst Ice Cream (Php99)[/caption]

We also ordered Green Tea Ice Cream (Php80), Mogu Mogu (Php60), and Minute Maid (Php60).

You can also check your current bill through the iPad by touching the screen. This is handy if you are still hungry and would want to order more but cautious of the bill. We also used this to check if we had pending orders.

Once done, you can bill out using the screen and the waiter will hand you over your bill. Here, there's no need to raise hands and call the waiter's attention.

They have 10% service charge applied.

Overall, we had a great experience. Hubby, I and our kids enjoyed waiting for the "cars" to arrive with their food. Food was good specially the salmon sashimi, chicken katsudon, and strawberry burst ice cream.

Eventhough the culinary experience was high-tech, the courteous and immediate assistance of the waiters were commendable.

Here's our short video of our trip.