Our Babywearing Experience Plus Review of 2 Carriers

I knew when I learned that I was pregnant with Baby #2, that I'd be babywearing. We did not babywear Little V because we were gifted a stroller, also I knew nothing about babywearing. Through blogging, meeting other mommies online and reading about their experiences, I was convinced to join the babywearing group in Facebook and learned a lot about this parenting genius hack. Through the group, I got exposed to babywearing's benefits, recommended carriers, how to use and where to get them.

Here are the benefits of babywearing (taken from Next9 info sheet):

  • happier babies

  • better communication with baby

  • helps baby develop faster

  • babies cry less

  • best for breastfeeding

  • convenient

A few days after going back to our condo from my parent's house, I ordered online my first baby carrier - an SSK of SaYa. It was cheaper compared to other carriers and I find it easier to use.

The carrier I bought is a Magenta SSK from Mothering Earthlings at Php950.

My Magenta SaYa

SaYa Baby Carrier has 2 kinds of carriers (just heard a new one came out making it now 3) - Semi Stretch Knit (SSK) and the versatek blend.

Here's the difference:

- Saya Semi-Stretch Knit (95% cotton 5% spandex)

- Saya Versatek Blend (80% nylon 20% spandex)

Initially I was really scared of using it on my 2-week old baby so I waited for another week before we began babywearing. That gave me more time to practice using the carrier with Big Bird, my son's stuffed toy.

In the first few tries wearing Baby Z, she cried just a few seconds after placing her in it. It was only after a week that she got comfy enough in it and stopped crying. By the time we took her to her monthly checkup, she was all cozy in her carrier and slept soundly. Babywearing, mission accomplished.

The basic carrying positions using a SaYa are Duyan, Sakay, Yakap, Lakbay, Tangan. We've only used Yakap so far.

SaYa SSK Baby Carrier in Magenta

I wanted to get her a ring sling (RS) before but felt that the SaYa carrier was safer. However with SaYa, I had to wear the carrier properly first before I could put my baby in - and I struggled with it. With RS, I could put her in it even if she was already sleeping on my chest. Also, I needed a backup carrier - something I could use while I laundered the SaYa. So I decided to get an RS.

At Wellworth in UP Town Center, I found a Next9 ring sling worth Php1000. I liked the color (brown and gray) so much I bought it right away. It came with an instructional video.

Next9 Ring Sling

The Next9 ring sling can be quickly adjusted for the use of either mom or dad. Baby can use it until she's 2 years old. It also has a pocket which is convenient to place keys, lampin, and phone.

What I liked most about using an RS is that it's so easy to wear in and out the baby. During nights when Baby Z prefers to be carried until she goes to sleep, I use an RS. Once she's asleep, I can easily slid her out of the carrier and put her down.

Different ways to carry baby using a ring sling

I have noticed that my baby doesn't like being in an RS if the weather is hot. The fabric of our RS is thicker than the SaYa's.

Baby Z is almost 7 kilos at 5 months and her weight is taking a toll on my legs and back. She also arches and wiggles lately that it's scary to carry her using an RS. So I got her an umbrella stroller which we use when we go to the mall and if we are with my husband. But if it's just me and the kids, I babywear using SaYa since it's easier to carry Baby Z and hold hands with Little V.

Overall, both carriers are serving us well in our babywearing journey. They also serve as great nursing covers which I really love since I don't need to bring my nursing cover. I use the RS mostly at home, and the SaYa when we go out. It has helped me put her to sleep, move around the house while carrying her, and look after my son when we're out.

Until when will I babywear? I don't know. Frankly, I can't carry her for long periods now because of her weight. There are other recommended carriers but I don't have budget for those. Unless I get an SSC for free, I'd stick with the two carriers I have until my baby outgrow them.


  1. Wow! Good for you. Congrats! As for me, I have 'big and heavy' kids so I don't really think my back can endure such weight.

    My youngest is now 2yrs.old and weighs 16kg, three times my weight. So when going out, I opt to use a stroller instead =)

  2. That is cute, but Isn't it difficult for the baby being carried like that. O don't know but I find baby wearing maybe okay for the first 2 months, but after it becomes difficult and restricting for both mommy and child.

  3. I think baby wearing is so cute, but after a while it may get very inconvinient for both parent and child.

  4. i was also able to use a sling ring but that was from Indonesia, I think, brought by my friend. it was really a breeze moving around the house and doing chores without worrying about the baby at the crib or rushing when she cries. indeed, these carriers are a big help to moms and dads like us.

  5. I've never tried Saya nor a ring sling.But I've tried a bubba tai and a SSC. We prefer the latter though.Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm actually part of the group as well ;)

  6. Wow, your toddler is heavy!

    My body has started complaining already - and my baby has just turned 5 months. Haha! :D That's why I prefer using her stroller now when we go malling.

  7. It may look odd at first but it's actually healthy naman for them as long as they are in proper position and a recommended carrier is used. For me, it's not restricting, yun nga lang the baby gets heavier, nakakapagod if done in long periods.

  8. I really regret not knowing about babywearing when my son was still little. I only got to know about it when he was already too big to be worn haha. Thank you for these tips!

  9. I used my Saya carrier when my baby is two weeks old. Ang galing lang kasi pag binebaby wear ko siya nakakatulog siya agad at mahimbing pa. Kaya pag nagmmalling kami or kumakain sa labas walang hassle. Ang laking tulong talaga.

  10. Nakakatuwa na nakakatulog kagad sila, ano? Until now we are using our SaYa kahit almost 9 months na si baby. Laking tulong talaga saten mga mommies :)

  11. Babywearing is something that has been a wonderful blessing to me over the course of 6 years and 3 children. If you've never heard the term babywearing before, or if it perhaps conjures up a very strange picture in your mind, let me define it for you--babywearing is simply carrying a baby using a sling or another form of carrier.


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