Review: Chino Pino Cloth Diaper

Earlier this year, before I gave birth to our daughter, I listed the things I'd like to do differently on Baby #2 and one of those is to use cloth diapers.

I initially wanted to start Baby Z on cloth diapers once she's a month old however we were only able to do so recently. I'd have to be frank though that I have no plans of using cloth nappies 100% of the time. At the moment we only use cloth nappies during baby's presko time, before she takes a bath, or before sleeping at night.

A couple of weeks ago, I received Chino Pino Baby Wear products to review - packs of pre-folded diapers and soakers.

Pre-folded Diaper

Pre-folded diapers is more than a diaper. This 13x18 inches 100% cotton gauze fabric can be used as a diaper, a diaper liner, a lap pad, a burp pad and a sweat pad. It can fit babies from 0-20 pounds.


Baby Z drools a lot and I use the regular lampin as a burp pad. Since it's too long and thin, I had to fold it so that it will absorb the drool better.

And then we tried Chino Pino's folded diaper. I no longer have to use a regular lampin and fold before usage. The pre-folded cloth is absorbent, durable, and lays nicely flat on my shoulder. I also use this when I babywear - placing it on my chest as the baby presses her head on my chest and sleeps.

Cotton Cloth Diaper Soakers

We tested the diaper soakers as inserts on my baby's SmartBabies cloth diaper shells since we don't have a Chino Pino cloth diaper cover.

The cotton soaker has several layers of anti-microbial bird's eye cotton that absorbs more fluid than the usual cotton fabric. I have noticed that even if baby is a heavy wetter, when I touch the lining of the diaper, it doesn't feel wet even though the soaker was full and heavy.

Baby Z wearing her SmartBabies cloth diaper cover with Chino Pino Cloth Soakers

The soaker uses the MicrobeProtek System, a US-EPA approved system that helps keep baby from rashes by inhibiting growth of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms.

Chino Pino has been in the business for more than 20 years. This means they very well know what's best for our babies. I really like their microbePROTEK™ - a fluid management technology that is permanently bonded to the fabric and acts as a protective shield which physically disrupts microbial growth without irritating the baby’s skin.

Other products of Chino Pino are:

Reusable Cotton Diapers
Cotton Nappy Starter Pack
Cotton Diaper Cover

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2 items on my checklist done!