DIY: Yarn Pompoms

A few months ago, I shared with you our homeschool activity which involved yarn pompoms. We used yarn pompoms to develop my child's fine motor skills as well as practice color identification, sorting, and identifying patterns. Here in the Philippines, I wasn't able to find a supplier for ready-made yarn pompoms which prompted me to make those myself. It's so easy to do!

You will only need three materials for this do-it-yourself yarn pompoms: yarn, fork, and scissors.

preschool homeschool fine motor skills
Sorry about the messy pile of yarn there. The 3-foot little man did that ;)

Take one end of the yarn and hold it with one hand. With your other hand, coil the yarn 15 times around the fork.


Cut the yarn while leaving 2-3 inches allowance which you will use to secure your ball. Tie a knot by inserting the end of the yarn inside the gap in the fork, bring it back to the front, and make a knot.

Slowly slip the yarn ball out of the fork. Fan the ball outwards and with your scissors, cut through the loops of the pompom.

Pull all the hairs up and give your pompom a trim to shape it into a ball.

And you're done!

Tip: To make bigger pompoms use your hands or toilet paper rolls instead of a fork


  1. How fun! I'm scared to try though! Thanks for sharing this step-by-step instruction!

    1. You're welcome, Mariel :) You should try it :-)

  2. ang galing salamat sa tip at procedures Mommy❤️


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