Preschool Homeschool | August and September Lessons and Activities

Hi everyone! I reckon I'll just make one update for the months of August and September since the first "ber" month is about to end anyway. In our July chronicles, I've mentioned that my 3-yr old son has been working a lot on his building blocks. This has inspired me to try the interest-led approach for our preschool homeschool. It was great timing, too, because I was adjusting with tasks related to my work.

For these months, we opted not to plan ahead and just went with the flow. I take cues from my son on what he'd like to do for the day. As expected, he'd just play and I let him because it's important for them to spend as much time as they can being engaged in free play. You can read about its importance here.

This approach is free-flowing and non-stressful, especially for me.

Phonics and Reading

One of the biggest bookstore that sell pre-loved books here in the Philippines held their month-long warehouse sale last August. Books were sold at Php10 each ($0.25). For my loot, I got my son 23 books. I could have gotten more but I went there alone and took the public transport so I only got what I could carry. 

It was hard to find the BFIR books since all books were piled together inside the warehouse.

I got him another copy of Goodnight Moon even though we have one already because this one's hardbound. Meanwhile, I was on the hunt for Clifford and Caillou books - some of his favorites.

We've read only a quarter of the loot we got. He chooses what he'd like to read and as expected, he read the Clifford and Caillou books first. Right now his favorites are Corduroy, Clifford the Small Red Puppy, and Hero Kitten Kuting Magiting.

We worked on Sing Spell Read and Write (SSRW) materials only when the little boy asked for it. He often asks for activities from As of writing, we have covered the sounds of the letters A to N. Although we're taking phonics slowly, I'm hoping that we can finish the first semester of SSRW before the year ends.


The Philippines has two seasons: wet and dry seasons. Wet season has started and very timely, too, to introduce weather. We got a free printable weather chart from We used some magnetic strips to mount our chart and our mini-weather signs. He has learned the differences between windy, sunny, rainy, stormy and cloudy days.

Our weather chart

Another focus we had was about our body. He has been asking a lot of questions about blood, the brain, and how to be healthy. His pediatrician said that Little V is advanced for his age, so I need to be more careful with the answers I give for his questions - it has to be factual but still understandable. Just the other day, while watching a car race, he has asked why do cars need to change their tires at the pit stop. We introduced him to the concept of friction by asking him to rub his hands together very fast. I'm thankful that science was my favorite subject in school so I can answer most of his questions. I hope he doesn't ask me questions about accounting or I might faint. LOL!


Disney Art Attack activity

At SM Department Store, I found some art projects by Disney Art Attack that cost less than Php150 ($3.60) for each pack that has 2 activities. My son had a great time painting and pasting the animals, googly eyes, and stones. It was a break from the usual free-form painting that he usually does.

Also, he has taken an extreme interest in learning the words from the nursery rhyme songs. Previously he would just sing them without really focusing on the words. Now, he's eager to say the words correctly.

Life Lessons

The focus of our life lessons was on security. After a recent event that happened at a mall when my son almost got lost (we could see him running but he couldn't find us), we've taught him the steps he should do if in any case he gets lost in a crowded place. For days we reviewed these steps, along with the usual questions and answers he needs to learn - like what his name is, the name of his parents, and where he lives. 

For house chore, he has started to buff our floors. He has this eager face to buff every time he sees me putting polishing wax on the floor. Oh, what fun it is when we buff the floor together!

Math and Fine Motor Skills

We've seen our son's enthusiasm in creating houses, spaceships, cars, trucks, and what-have-yous using his blocks. We also helped him build them, when he asks for help. Hubby and I are so delighted every time our son finishes his work and explains to us what he had created.

Yoda's house created by Little V


Because my son has been asking about Japan, Singapore, Korea, Philippines, and the United States of America - as to where they are, why do they have snow, and how far they are from us - I've decided to get him a mini globe. We are introducing him to the world, the concept of day and night, the moon, the sun, and distances. One of the curious questions he raised was why does the Earth have so much water. He asked this because he noticed the massive area that the color blue has covered the globe. 

Our mini globe at home


I attended my first ever homeschool conference early this September and bought a Bernie Bear CD for Catholic kids at one of its booths. This has been recommended by a co-mommy blogger which she said her own son loves. The CD has catchy tunes that teach kids how to make the sign of the cross, pray, and a whole lot more. I like it because my son has been actively asking about Jesus. We've been reading his children's bible and the CD is a wonderful supplement. 

prayer songs for kids

Interestingly, even if we have taken an unhurried approach in our homeschool journey this August and September, I've realized that my son still learned a lot. And the great thing about it is that he initiated what he'd like to learn, he asked questions, and exhibited better attention to the topics. We haven't decided yet if we will continue this interest-led approach or have a homeschool revamp. But one thing is for sure, whatever approach we will use, we will try our best to do it at our son's own pace. 


  1. Hi Kat. This entry is very educational and interesting. Can't wait to have my kiddos soon so I can also teach them. :-). See you in Blogapalooza. ;-)

  2. I remember my son when he was younger, he would ask a lot of questions about where a country was located so I bought him a mini globe too. He loved it so much that he would excitedly point out countries and cities that he knows.
    You sound very very prepared for homeschooling. :)

    1. Thanks Jhanis for sharing your story! :) Oh, I don't think I'll ever be prepared. Haha! Every day it's a different interest for the little sponge.


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