Quezon Heritage House


quezon city museum

Another fun thing to visit at Quezon Memorial Circle is the Quezon Heritage House. This house is a replica of the weekend house of President Quezon at Gilmore Street. This museum is a few steps from the restaurant strip. There's no fee to visit the museum; they have a tour guide explaining the house's history and the items inside it. Though the place is a replica, according to the guide, most of the materials used here were from the original house. Also, all the items inside the house were used by President Quezon and his family.

When we visited last October, we could only see the upper floor since the lower floor was under renovation.

Here are some of the photos we took.

qc circle museum

quezon heritage house

Those who appreciate history and craftsmanship would love to visit this quaint museum slash blast from the past. I appreciate the effort and hard work of the people behind this for us in the current generation to enjoy. Even my kids were able to appreciate the floor, stairs, windows, and the items inside. They were amazed at how people from the era of the 20s-40s lived.

The Quezon Heritage House

Free Entrance

Inside Quezon City Memorial Circle

near Max's Restaurant