Quezon Memorial Circle Museum

One of the places I visited in Quezon City when I was a child was the museum under that big tall tower in the middle of Quezon Circle. We've been at the Circle countless times but last October was the first time that I visited the museum in decades. Of course, I brought along the kids so we could all marvel at the displays inside and finally answer the question: What's inside?

There's no entrance fee to visit the museum and the security guard was polite enough to point us to where we should go to begin the tour. Overall, the place is a memoir of the life of President Quezon. There are old pictures, memorabilia, and fun facts to read.

Entrance to the museum

The walls of the museum were filled with information about the life and works of President Manuel Quezon

Manuel Quezon, 1901

Gold In-Laid Chest: Repository of the 1935 Constitution

At the end of the tour, there's a souvenir shop at the exit. 

It was lunchtime when we finished visiting the three museums inside the Circle so we headed to Max's Restaurant to eat. I appreciate that the place is filled with trees and even if the sun was shining brightly above us, we were able to walk in the canopy of the trees.

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