Three Important Tips To Succeed in Life

What led to Coco Martin's remarkable success in life, transitioning from a renowned actor and director to becoming a brand ambassador for BDO Network Bank? In this article, he shares three important tips to succeed in life.

Save Money

You heard it from your parents and elders: Always make sure to save for the rainy day.

Coco Martin believes that you can't just work and then spend all your earnings. He saves at least 30 percent of his total income. He makes sure that he won't use his savings no matter what happens. 

"Maganda yung may fallback ako, na may madudukot sa oras ng pangangailangan,” Coco shares.

Grow Your Savings

In addition, Coco shares that it's crucial to identify your priorities and set specific goals. When earning a living, it's essential to allocate a percentage of your income toward your future or emergency funds. From the 70 percent for his expenses, he uses this to support his family and needs, and as capital for any business ideas he may have.

"Yung 70 percent, yan na yung panggastos, pangtulong sa pamilya ko, lahat ng pangangailangan. Sa 70 percent na yun, hangga't maaari kung mapapagkasya ko, dun ako kumukuha ng capital kung anoman ang negosyo na naiisip ko. Basta sinisiguro ko yung 30 percent, hindi ko gagalawin yun," the Ang Probinsyano and Batang Quiapo star admitted. 

Find the Right Partner-Bank

Finally, find the right partner bank that you can trust to ensure the safety of your savings. Coco sincerely extends his heartfelt appreciation to BDO Network Bank, the community banking arm of BDO Unibank, for their invaluable guidance and assistance in nurturing the growth of his earnings.

Syempre kailangan mo rin ng mga guidance kung paano ito mapapalago. Thru BDO and BDO Network Bank, andun sila para gabayan ka at tulungan ka para palaguin yung pera mo,” the actor stressed.


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