Top 5 Best Newborn Baby Diapers to Buy Online in the Philippines

Diapers are really important for the comfort of your baby. Diapers not only provide comfort but also avoid any type of skin infection that can be caused by using cloth. So it is really important that you choose the diapers wisely so that they can be as comfortable as they can be. So, below are top 5 best newborn baby diapers to buy online.

Huggies Ultra New Born Diapers

Huggies is one of the oldest and best diapers brands that people have been using for a very long time. The brand focuses on keeping your baby’s skin healthy. Its hypo allergic and pH balanced features help in avoiding any type of allergies or rashes. Also, it has vitamin E and chamomile extracts that help to boost your baby’s skin health. This is one of the best diapers for new born babies whose skin needs a lot of care and attention.

The diaper has cottony soft pads and is highly absorbent so it is gentle on the skin. It fits your baby perfectly as it has stretchable tapes too.

Drypers Touch Newborn Baby Diaper

This baby diaper is especially designed with extra softness to protect the delicate skin of your new born. It is made with pro skin technology that provides the baby great comfort and your baby remains happy throughout the day.

This is one of the best diapers for new born babies as it provides great comfort and help in their growth. That Also it is made of a soft embossed surface that helps to keep your baby dry by locking in the moisture. 

Elite New Born Baby Diaper

Elite is one of the newest baby diaper brands but has made a place in the field already. It presents a baby diaper with aloe vera extracts and vitamin E added to its material that protect your baby’s skin from irritation and rashes. This is the most recommended diaper for new born babies who have delicate skin.

The pads absorb the liquid quickly leaving your child dry most of the time. Also the front tapes can be refastened multiple times to get the right fit for your baby. So, it is one of the best and the easiest one for those who have no experience in changing diapers.

MamyPoko Extra Dry Skin Tape Diaper

MamyPoko is one of the most renowned diaper brands that moms just love. It has just introduced a baby diaper that offers fast-absorbing feature to keep your baby extra-dry. It has new speed wave sheets that absorb the liquid faster leaving your baby with maximum comfort and dryness. This is perfect for new born babies who pee more than the older babies. It also comes with re-attachable tapes so that it can fit your child perfectly. Get huge discounts on big brands on various online stores such as Watson, Amazon, Aliexpress etc, using diaper coupons and deals

Huggies New Born Dry Diapers

Huggies is a brand that is used by most mothers; it is reliable, perfect for a new born and is not that expensive. Its diapers are quick-absorbent that do not let your baby to feel uncomfortable in any way. It has also great resistance to leaks, promoting good hygiene and reducing the stress of washing clothes every now and then. This is also one of the best diaper brands that can be purchased online in Philippines.

Choosing the best bay diapers may be challenging and overwhelming but it is the only way to make your baby feel comfortable and dry. There is nothing more important than your own child’s convenience. So, start searching for the right diaper for your little one or you can just go through the list above and make an informed decision.

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  1. Wow pasok talaga si Huggies ito po talaga diaper ng anak ko super good quality talaga sya

  2. Huggies din ang pinakagusto ko sa naging diaper ni lo.. sa shopee ako bumibili para may big discount + discount vouchers. Kaya happy mommy ako..


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