The Power of Undergarments with Penshoppe Core Is Now Available on Shopee!

For the longest time, undergarments have not been on my mind. I guess that's how moms are, we tend to forget about our own underwear and focus on our kids' clothing needs. We don't usually bat an eye when we purchase items for our families but when it comes to our own needs such as underwear, we cringe on the idea of expense. It was only recently that I have decided for myself to take a new stand on how I should see undergarments. That is should not be taken for granted. As a form of self-care, I need to understand that what I wear underneath, defines how I feel about myself and how I express myself to the world. Sounds corny? I don't think so.

The Power of Undergarments

Remember when we learned that how our posture affects how we feel about ourselves when we face other people? When we straighten up our backs, our brain sends signals to the rest of our body that we are ready. We can face the world. We are feeding our self-esteem. The same thing happens when we wear our best clothes, including our underwear. Underwear gives us that same power because it helps us feel good about ourselves.

We wear good undies not because someone might see us in it, but because we owe ourselves of that self-care. It is about time we moms see undergarments as a way to express ourselves. It is not only a required clothing, but an extension of who we are. When we devote our time and budget for a great underwear, we affirm our self-worth and boost our self-confidence

And when we feel good about ourselves, we share that energy to the people around us. 

Penshoppe Core Now Available on Shopee

Back in the 90s, Penshoppe has been one of the most sought-after brand by teenagers like me. The quality and affordability of Penshoppe are just a few of the reasons why Filipinos continue to trust this brand. It's Penshopee Core line is now available exclusively on Shopee. Get your new CORE underwear that will keep you comfortable, secured and supported. The soft to touch, breathable fabric provides all day comfort and confidence.

Here are my favorites:

Penshoppe Core Women's Multi-way Bra (Beige/Black)

Penshoppe on Shopee

Penshoppe Core Women's Hipster Panties (Beige/White)

Penshoppe Core Men's Classic Briefs (Black/Charcoal/White)

Penshoppe Core Men's Boxer Briefs (Black/Blue Stone/Charcoal)

penshoppe core

Don't have Shopee? Download it for free from the App Store or Google Play. 

Let's take control of our destinies by changing our mindset on undergarments. Happy shopping!


  1. Good News po ito si penshoppe available na sa shopee galing hindi kana mahihirapan pumunta sa store click nalang kay shopee at door to door pa madedeliver sayo

  2. wow shopping made easy...cant barely remember the last time i bought undergarments 😅,àbaka now is the time😊

  3. Ang gaganda naman po ng mga enderwear ni Penshoppe at mas mabilis na po makaka oder dahil nasa Shopee na rin po sila..

    1. Yes mommy. Tapos pwede ka mag avail ng free shipping vouchers kaya sulit. Di ka na napagod sa paglabas, nakatipid pa.


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