Practical Ways to Save Money During the Pandemic

Many businesses have closed down and a lot of people lost their jobs. Now, it is not only a few countries but the whole world is facing an economic downturn. In the middle of this pandemic, one of the things we can do to survive is to save more money than we usually do. Even if some governments are still providing aid for its people, that is not enough to sustain the needs of everyone. For as long as we are told to stay home most of the time for our own safety, we need to think of ways on how to save money and energy.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Here are some of the practical strategies to save money and be productive amidst this extraordinary time.

Grow your own garden. Growing certain plants could mean significant savings at the supermarket especially nowadays that the price of the basic commodities keep on increasing. If you have a garden or backyard, you can start collecting seeds and carefully plan where to plant them. You can ask your neighbors and friends to save some seeds for you too. By growing your own garden, you are also helping the environment because you decide what goes on your plants and into your soil. This allows you to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals polluting the environment and waterways.

Avoid food waste. The Food and Agriculture organization of the United Nations recorded that an estimated 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted globally every year. That amount is equal to one third of all food produced for human consumption. Annually, 2.6 trillion USD is lost because of food wasted. That is more than enough to feed all the 815 million hungry people in the world. By not throwing leftover food, by reading the food labels and checking expiry date, and by properly storing your food, you are reducing food waste and saving money at the same time.


Plan your loads of laundry on a weekly basis. It is wise to plan and prepare your next laundry on a weekly basis so you can maximize the use of your washing machine. Prior to washing the clothes, make sure to check if all the basic items needed for the laundry is complete. Better if you can do the laundry at home than at the laundry shops.

Budget your spending. Nowadays, buying groceries and other necessities creates a hole in your pocket, so make sure to buy only the things you need. Learn to identify which are needs and which are wants and prioritize the needs; no need to overspend for things that are not urgent or important. Compare different brands according to their price and quality. Check for available promo packs, too. To help you estimate your weekly expenses and see if your spending habits match your current income, use a handy personal budget planner

Avail free online resources. While you are stuck at home due to quarantine, you might want to enrich your mind by grabbing any free online services that offer ebooks, manuals, trainings, or even streaming services which can help you destress or develop a new skill or a hobby. Some modules even offer a free digital certificate upon completion of a program, which can be added to your portfolio.

Exercise and be active. As we continue to work from home, our body needs to pump up and be energized. Keeping our body and mind healthy would also save us from a lot of stress, fear and depression. Taking vitamins and food supplements help a lot too, but having some exercises or workout and being active would surely brighten our day, making us more productive while we battle the ongoing outbreak.


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