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We struggled with writing when our son was still in preschool. This continued until he was Grade 2. He didn't like to write but loves to doodle and make stories using drawings. Last year we intervened and asked him to have some copy work and write on a journal everyday to practice. This approach helped a lot because it blossomed to a great interest to write stories. Right now he has written more than 20 notebooks with different stories. We are working on his grammar, spelling, and other technical aspects of writing but his imagination is something we are very proud of. When I was introduced to Night Zookeeper, I knew right away that this program is something our son would want to have.

About a month ago, we opened an account at Night Zookeeper and it was an instant hit to our 9-year-old. He started with creating his own avatar and jumped right away to writing, doing challenges, and games. I did not give him any instructions at all - he was able to navigate the platform on his own. That night before we slept, he said he is very happy with Night Zookeeper and can't wait for morning to come so he can write again.

Night Zookeeper review

What is Night Zookeeper?

Night Zookeeper is an online tutoring service and gamified learning platform that inspires a love of creative writing in children. It is an award winning and BAFTA-nominated creative writing platform that helps improve the writing skills of 5-12+ year olds. brings together a compelling story, innovative digital technology, and effective curriculum-aligned educational content, to help your child boost their literacy skills. - Joshua Davidson, Author of the Night Zookeeper

Night Zookeeper is a safe and moderated online writing environment for our kids. Their website is available across all devices so you can use it on your phone, tablet, or laptop. By using Night Zookeeper, kids can have fun, challenged, and inspired to write. 


Reasons Why We Love Night Zookeeper

 Here are some of the reasons why we love Night Zookeeper:

Parent Dashboard

Parent's can see all their children's learning progress, writing, drawings, readings, and friends. I can also enable or disable features, privacy on his work, and I can also click if I want his profile to enable having friends.

I can easily click his profile from my dashboard and see in detail his rank, number of words written, number of articles, latest awards, including the comments he made on other kids' work. 

Safe Online Environment

Our child's name, picture, and age are not seen publicly. The username is randomly provided by Night Zookeeper to ensure anonymity. Only the flag of his country can be seen on his profile. I can easily moderate his privacy using my dashboard. 

Writing, drawings and comments are moderated by Night Zookeeper to ensure the environment to be safe and kid-friendly. There is no live chat feature!! Yes to this! Plus, other kids can't see his list of friends on his profile.

night zookeeper review

Age-appropriate Challenges

Kids are given goals to try and achieve in writing, such as number of words, specific use of adjectives, verbs etc. that will help improve their writing skills. The goals depends on the age of the child, example: For age 9, one of his goals is to form nouns using a range of prefixes.

If my child is not able to complete the goals, his work is still saved in the platform so he can go back and work on it.

There are games available on the platform, as well as weekly competitions.

Meet Online Friends

Since Night Zookeeper is available all over the world, my child has a chance to read and comment on other children's work. This will inspire him more to continue developing his creative writing skills. Children can also see their progress in a monthly global league table featuring Night Zookeepers around the world.

Interactive Lessons

Children can access interactive episodes twice a week from a team of educators where they can learn writing skills. 

Tutors Feedback

My child receives advice and feedback from tutors of Night Zookeeper that helps him improve his writing. Their feedback are positive and inspires my son to work better and write more.

Night Zookeeper is so far the best writing platform Kuya V has worked on since we started homeschooling. And because I believe in this platform and they care about my readers, Night Zookeeper is offering a 50% off through my special link below. People who sign up get a free 7 day trial and then get 50% off on the yearly subscription. 



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