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A decade ago, I heard a bad news. The house of a friend of mine had fire and the whole property was burnt down. It wasn't my house but I really felt devastated when she informed me of the news. My friend on the other hand was calm, she said, "Okay lang kami kasi may insurance yung bahay."

That was the very first time I heard about a house being insured. I was already in my early 20s at that time.

Since then I have looked at insurances differently.

Before I thought insurances were just added costs and that some insurances are just ways to get money from people and that you can get scammed (a relative experienced this when I was a kid).

As I got older and started my own family, I have learned the value of insurances on life and properties. Imagine your house being damaged by flood or fire and you have no savings available to have it repaired or rebuilt. With insurances, your assets can be protected from natural calamities and other inconveniences. Your house is not just a refuge at the end of the day but it is an extension of your family. It represents all your hard work, your dreams, and your achievements.

Being able to live life without having to worry about your house, your car, or luggage when you travel, is priceless.

Ever Ready Insurance Agency helps you and your properties get protected from untoward incidents. Ever Ready Insurance offers a wide range of insurance products and services from Auto (comprehensive and TPL), Bonds, CARI, Fire, Marine, Personal Accident, to Travel (domestic and international).

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  1. True that mommy Kat. Feeling ko din added expense lang ang pag avail ng insurance hehe

  2. Sabi nga nila, it's better to be sure than to be sorry . kaya dapat nga talaga isipin natin future kesa ung present. mahirapan man tayo ngayon pero in near future may mapapakinabangan tayo.


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