To My Dear 17-Month-Old Bunso

My dear 17-month old bunso:

You almost gave Mama a heart attack earlier.

I was a few steps away from you washing the dishes when you started to climb the sofa and stood at the edge facing the backrest. You know how much I dislike you standing there.

And then you pranced back and forth AT THE EDGE while laughing and looking at me. You almost lost balance and fell! When I called your name and made a step, you ran away from me. Pilyo ka talaga.

It seems like it has been a long time since you have learned to walk because you are so agile now. But it was only seven months ago when you made your first step unaided. You were unsure then but now you are so confident you don't want to hold hands with me while we walk outside.

You can climb slides, beds, sofas, dining chairs, and one time you even climbed up the dining table unaided! Sarap pa ng upo mo sa ibabaw!

You can ran so fast that I cannot wear my wedges anymore when we go out. Tsinelas na lang or doll shoes si Mama palagi.

There is no stopping you from exploring the world. Not even a saggy diaper.

Everytime we are out, I make sure that you are wearing your Pampers pants. It's easier for me to change your nappies with it and I am assured that whatever physical challenges you may have exploring, you are covered from leaks and sagginess. Less lawlaw, more galaw for my little one. And because it is more absorbent, less palit kaya mas sulit. 

You are growing too fast, my love. I am enjoying every moment I nurse you while you play and sniff my armpit. Yes love, adik ka sa kilikili ni Mama. Haha! 

I love you, mahal. Always remember that Mama will always be here for you. Goodnight, my Bunso.


  1. Aww.. ang sweet ng message na ito. I always make messages like this too sa IG ko.. then one day mababasa ng baby ko pag marunong na sya magbasa. 13months old palang sya ngayon 😊

    P.S. Pampers user din sya since birth.. dahil sa less lawlaw feature ng Pampers. Hihi

  2. awwwww . very touching mommy . sobrang ang bilis lang lumaki ng mga baby natin and nakakatuwa isipin mga achievements nila. Dati, nakahiga lang sila na titigan mo . nGayon, sobrang likot na . Lalo na with pampers na less lawlaw nako , lalong bongga ang kakulitan nila ;)


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