5 Tips When Choosing a Family Car

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Just recently we have decided to let go of our old car. To keep it was not financially practical for us already. We hope that someday we'd be a able to purchase a brand new car.

With our experience in buying and keeping a used car for at least 5 years, I'd like to share with you some tips we learned and would like to apply when we choose the perfect family car in the future.

Tip #1: Work on your Budget

Many car companies offer very low downpayments so that more people can  purchase new cars. However when on loan, the monthly installment payments you'd have to settle can hurt your family's finances. Always ask yourself, "would I be able to still pay for this car even if someone in the family got sick, or if there's an emergency, or if I lost my job?"

If it was a used car, include the expenses of maintaining it in your monthly budget.

Check as well the expenses you will incur for parking (specially for those who live in condominiums).

Tip #2: Do your research

There are so many different types of cars, seat capacities, different specifications, and a whole lot of other factors to consider before getting one. One website you can check for your research is cars.com

Tip #3: Safety Rating

You'd be driving not only for yourself but your loved ones. Always check and get the safest vehicle for your babies.

Tip #4: Think of Space

Kids have lots of stuffs! I remember one time when we went to do groceries and we were so crowded inside the car because the trunk was not big enough to hold my kids' stuffs and the stroller with the grocery bags already in. We had to put some of the kids' items inside the car. If you have smaller kids, chances are you'd be bringing so many things with you when you drive with them. So depending on how big your family is, think of the space you will need in a car.

Tip #5:  Longevity

Ask yourself this question, "will this car still be the best one for us after 5 or 10 years?" Not everyone would have the budget to buy cars every few years specially if you have kids. As the kids grow the expenses in the family household grows as well. This is why it's important to consider as well how long you'd be able to use the car you're buying.

Having a family car is a big help for parents like me. It's easier to transport the whole family in one vehicle rather than taking the public transport. I hope that in the near future we'd be able to purchase a new vehicle that's perfect for us.


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