Birthing Story: Hello, Baby Z!

Wrote this article on my phone using one hand, while I nurse my  newborn...

Over a month ago, we became "new" parents again as we welcomed the arrival of our daughter, Zoe. Although she is our second child, we have a lot of firsts with her that we did not experience with our first-born, Little V. It's a brand new adventure for our little family and we are so blessed to have a new angel in our lives.

In my previous pregnancy posts, I have shared with you the ups and downs of this pregnancy. From bleeding in the first trimester, to placenta previa and gestational diabetes in the second, to better medical results in the third. It was not an easy pregnancy compared to my first but everything went well through the grace of God.

In June my OB, Dr. Rowena Sumilang, told us to choose a date for my repeat C-section on my 38th week. We chose the Saturday of the third week of July simply because it was a weekend.

As you may already know, we have been 'yaya-less' for more than two years now. I was having issues on moving around the house doing chores in my last weeks of gestation so we decided to move-in to my parents' house a couple of weeks before our planned schedule.


A week before my scheduled operation, I brought Hubby to the Medical City's blood bank to register him as my donor. I was on a risk of losing a lot of blood during the operation so my doctor instructed to have at least a bag of blood ready before the CS.

On my 38th week (and now counting down the days before we see our baby), I had several final tests conducted. I had myself checked for UTI, got a complete blood and platelet count, and a final ultrasound.

For my final ultrasound, I went to Makati Med (MMC) for an AFI (amniotic fluid index) and NST (non-stress test). MMC eventually conducted a BPS on me instead of just an AFI. The staff were all nice but I spent 3 hrs inside it (really?? 3 hours?? These tests usually run for less than an hour) and was ridiculously charged 3x the usual amount I pay in a clinic. Also, I don't get it that MMC charged me for an OB's professional fee on top of the tests. They said since I am not their patient (my OB's not a visiting doctor there), I had to be "seen" by their consultant. Well, I did not see this doctor at all and was just relayed the results of my tests! Php800 din yun! I felt robbed there, to be honest. Lesson charged to experience.

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My mom accompanied me to my OB for a final check-up and to get my admission packet before the surgery. After seeing my OB, I went to visit the anesthesiologist pre-operative evaluation center (APEC). There, I had a short interview about my medical history, allergies, and was advised of the procedures and expectations on D-day. In my first pregnancy, I had an emergency CS and had no idea what the doctors were to do to me. I'm glad that at TMC, I was prepped and was able to ask questions.

Per advice, I went to Medical City Ortigas in the afternoon, the day before the scheduled procedure, to avoid Friday traffic. My parents and son accompanied me since Hubby was still at work and will just go to the hospital later. We left Taguig a little past 2pm and was surprised that traffic was already terrible along Ortigas Ave.

Side note: A few days earlier, I called the admitting office and reserved for my room. I was instructed to ring them 3 hours before going there, which I did. When I called on that Friday around lunch time, they said my room is already vacant but still being prepared. On my way to the hospital, TMC texted me that the room is now available and I can check-in. Awesome customer service!

We went straight to the admitting office and presented my admission packet. After signing some docs and paying the required downpayment, we were accompanied to my room on the 5th floor. Total time spent at the admitting section (including cashier): less than 20 minutes.

When I was once settled in my room, my parents and son left. It was a Friday and I didn't want two senior citizens and a preschooler to get stuck in traffic. Mahirap na!

Last supper! Haha!

While I wait for Hubby, my nurse gave me my hospital robe, accompanied me to the pre- labor room, handed me an antiseptic soap I used in my bath that night, placed IV on my left hand, dextrose, and pretty much everything I needed in preparation for the operation the following day.

I was should be on complete fasting by 12mn; my last intake was past 7pm. I wanted to eat before fasting started but I had no one with me to buy me food. Hubby came a little before midnight and it would be too late to ask him to get me a McDonald's. I was famished!


I hardly slept that night because by 4am, someone came in to "clean" me up. I was shaven and given an edema - that edema worked so fast I was in the bathroom in less than 3 minutes!

By 7am, nurses have frequented the room so I'd be ready for the operation. They wheeled me in the delivery suite by 730am. At the last minute, Hubby decided not to join me inside the operating room.

My anesthesiologist, Dr. Nocom was the first to greet me. She explained to me what the steps she'll do and what I would feel on each step. My OB came after a few minutes.

While they were prepping me on the table I was eavesdropping the conversation of the medical staff - they were talking about lip balms. Haha! I was a bit nervous but their conversation made my nerves calm.

I started to feel numb from below my chest to my feet. Dr. Nocom checked how numb I was by pricking/poking me. Then they placed a blue thingamajig on me to block my view. I was also given an oxygen mask that helped me breath easier; I got colds that time.

In my first CS in 2011, I was put to sleep. I dozed off from the time they gave me anesthesia up until 4 hours later in the recovery room. So all of these happening to me in my second CS is all new to my awake self.

I did not feel any pain with all the incision done but I felt pain due to the pressure of force when they pushed the baby out. Thankfully Dr. Nocom warned me about the discomfort a few minutes before they pushed the baby.

Then I heard her first cry.

She wasn't completely out yet when she started crying. May water tuloy na naririnig sa bibig nya.

Ah. It was my first time to hear a baby's first cry. I was so ecstatic.

Hello, Zoe. Welcome!

When Zoe was cleaned she was immediately placed on my chest for our Unang Yakap. It was so amazing. I did not have this opportunity with my first born, this moment is just so magical. I'm seeing this precious angel for the first time. And she's sucking my nipples as a sign of her love.

Our pictures were taken. I won't post a pic here because I looked ridiculously ugly that time. Haha!

After our pictures were taken, Zoe was removed from me. I can't remember what happened next but I woke up feeling some pain. We were still in the operating room and I could feel being stitched up. I could hear Dr. Sumilang talking to another person. Dr. Nocom checked on me and I told her I could feel pain. I then fell asleep and woke up in the recovery room.

Inside the recovery room I was still drowsy but can hear and understand the medical staff whenever they checked on me. My blood sugar dropped at a critical level so I stayed there for a long time. Zoe went in the room a number of times to latch.

When I was finally returned to my room, it was afternoon already. They said I can room-in my baby but I decided not to at that time since I was still drowsy. A midwife came in an hour later and hand expressed my breastmilk, stored it in a syringe, and will be given to my baby. She was able to get 1mL of colostrum from me. Later that afternoon we instructed them to bring the baby in. A few minutes later, Zoe was roomed-in.

I wasn't able to sleep much that  night as medicines (intravenously) were given and my blood sugar were checked every few hours. On top of that, we were looking after the baby and I had to nurse her.

The following morning, while I was being cleaned by a staff, I was finally able to pass gas. Ahhh.. Isa sa mga pinakamasarap na utot sa talambuhay ko. Hahaha! Being able to pass gas means my digestive system is up and running. This also meant the dextrose will be stopped, pain killers and antibiotics will now be taken orally, and I can start to eat (soft diet). Yay! Gutom na ako!!

Back in our room. Gulo ng hair!

A lactation consultant visited us and thoroughly explained what to do and expect in the next few days while exclusively breastfeeding. Hubby and I asked several questions and we're happy that they'd also monitor our breastfeeding journey even after we leave the hospital. We so love TMC for being breastfeeding advocates. We were unsuccessful in breastfeeding our first-born and we are determined to exclusively breastfeed Zoe.

Immediate families visited us that morning but the most special visitor was our son. We missed him so much! It was the first time since he was born that we had to be away from him for more than 24hrs.

giving birth
Bath time!

When the catheter and dextrose were removed, I was instructed to start walking with assistance and caution. I was sitting and dangling my legs at the side of the bed when I felt the need to go to the bathroom. Hubby assisted me and I was able to pee. After a few minutes though, I started to chill. Never pa ako naka experience ng pagchi chill. I felt so cold they had to call the nurse's station. The nurse checked my temp; I had a mild fever. She then left to ask the doctors if I should be given meds. After a few minutes my chills eventually wore off and so did my fever. Nabigla siguro katawan ko from flushing fluid nung umihi ako. I felt better afterwards.

My and Zoe's doctors (I was surprised that even the anaesthesiologist went to see me) checked on us every day until Monday, the day we were discharged from the hospital. I genuinely felt their concern and care.

We thank the Lord God for His unwavering love - both me and the baby are safe and healthy. I recovered faster in this CS compared to my first. Thank you, Jesus!

We are also grateful to our amazing doctors most especially to my OB who took care of me since the day I sought help for my bleeding. Dr. Sumilang has never been late in her clinic, informs her patients of her schedule ahead of time. She's cool and I am very much comfortable with her, and she's a sigurista. She made sure that I and the baby are in great health all the time.

My doctors are not just incredible in their fields, they're also approachable and beautiful ladies!

Dr. Rowena Sumilang - OB/GYN
Dr. Paulette Nacpil-Dominguez - Endocrinologist
Dr. Glenice Nocom - Anesthesiologist
Dr. Miranila Hernandez-Matibag - Pediatrician

To the medical staff of The Medical City in Ortigas, we are so glad we chose you as our healthcare provider. We were well taken cared of in and out of the hospital.

Zoe's now a month and a half and has gained more than 2 kilos. She is exclusively breastfed (yay! First-time EBF here), babyworn (got my first baby carrier ever), the first granddaughter from both sides of the family, and has a different temperament from her brother. She likes to be carried ALL THE TIME and wails out loud when put down. She is our second child but I still feel sometimes like a first-time mom.

Say hello to Zoe!

Our precious Baby Z


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